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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Designer -- new fashion line -- African inspired

This is a need for a designer which I received from Omerine Aseh.

Please reach out to her by email. I am sorry she did not provide a phone number.


Looking for a pattern/sample maker for a new fashion line . I am a new designer . It will be women's apparel - wear-to-work type of clothing . African inspired so lots of print .
My email is

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

Summary: Why the Trade Adjustment Assistance program is viewed as ineffective and how Congress can amend it.
I am a former TAA benefit recipient, in theory and on paper, following a 2008 factory shut down by Dell Inc. in Austin, TX. The initial seamless transition from Dell to my next employer the week after the layoff was pushed back until 4 months later. It was during this period that I drew Unemployment Insurance. (see White House blog by Jeffrey Zients article on TAA)
It was during a session at Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) with a Career Specialist that I was informed about the funds available for me through my TAA benefit. I was informed that there was no expiration date on this benefit; a seriously wrong bit of information repeated often by that Career Specialist. The benefit expired without being of any benefit for me. Yet, in theory and in paper I expect I am counted as a TAA benefit participant "hurt" by this program.

Congress has the opportunity to reauthorize the TAA program before September 30, 2015 when it is due to expire.

The TAA impact evaluations, cited in 2014 by David B. Muhlhausen, Ph. D. and James Sherk from The Heritage Foundation, by Paul T. Decker, Leah E. Marcel and Kara M. Reynolds all seem to corroborate each other's related conclusions on the ineffectiveness of TAA, namely, that TAA training 1) had no effect on raising the earnings of participants, and 2) "little evidence that it helps displaced workers find new, well-paying employment opportunities." (Reynolds) This is true. Why is it true and is the decision to let TAA benefits expire a true response to what seemed an ineffective program? A related and valid question is how much of the one billion dollars which Congress authorized for TAA was "wasted," that is, actually paid out to TAA participants? What about funds which were never dispersed?

Yes, I can heartily concur with their conclusions and I can attest that my experience with TAA, in theory and on paper, resulted in neither raising my earnings nor well-paying opportunities. The reason for this result and that of other TAA participants is directly related to the flawed way as to how the TAA benefit was designed.

For example, I lost my employment in international export. I decided to pursue a Project Management credential through the TAA benefit; a field in which I had no experience. The response from TWC was that the area which I chose for training under TAA must be one in which I had experience. Really. How many training programs are out there for training in the non-academic, eight years experience, same job, same pay which I already know how to do?  Hence, the worker's future is to turn him or her back into the same job, same pay just as indicated by the TAA impact evaluations and which result in no raise in earnings and no well-paying opportunities. One can only wonder about this turnstile design of the TAA benefit program which turns back participants and leaves untold millions or hundreds of millions of the $1 billion which were never dispersed.

The conclusions of the TAA impact evaluations are themselves ineffective and wasteful because although they corroborate each other they fail to reveal a true and fruitful understanding of the reason why the TAA benefit was ineffective and wasteful. It is egregious to urge Congress to stop, "a program that does not help—and may hurt—unemployed workers." Really. In hindsight, given how the TAA benefit was designed doing away with it hardly relieves the economic hurt experienced by affected workers anymore than the TAA program hurts displaced workers. Congress has the authority to reauthorize the TAA benefit and amend it so that participants can indeed train for positions in which they do not have experience. This is no different than high school and college graduates when they enter the job market without experience. This proposed emendation to make the TAA benefit program effective is evident whether quasi-experimental evaluation or scientifically rigorous evaluations are employed to examine the effectiveness of the TAA benefit program.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Stitch Fix

I do not know anything about Stitch Fix, but you can check it out for yourselves.

                            Stitch Fix

Also, my latest post: Round Rock Prom Dress Designers

Please note I have added a very useful Post Index to my blog. Check it out. It's a lot easier to find articles and to do searches. I still need to finish adding 2008, 2007 & 2006.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


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Friday, August 14, 2015

Round Rock Prom Dress Designers

This article originally posted: 8/14/15
This article last checked for comments, revised or viewed by Gil: 9/13/15

Do you live in Round Rock Texas ?
Do you have the skills and talent to work from a dress pattern?
Are you interested in generating income making/designing prom dresses?
I would like to talk with you and interested friends and family and present some information.

A brief introduction.

You can read ABOUT ME on my Working Mannequin blog. My WorkingMannequin Facebook page. Please, read a couple of the articles to get an idea of what I am about.

I do not have sewing thread, literature, books or anything to sell. I have information for you. It is free information. It does not cost you anything. It is about how you can generate income for yourself in the local prom dress market by making or designing prom dresses for local high school girls.

You set the price of your merchandise. You keep 100% of the profits.

There are no materials, quotas or working space provided for you. This is not a job. Materials are provided by your client. You set your own quotas. Your home is your work space.

The reason this call is limited to Round Rock TX is because since this is not a for-profit business for me I need to limit my time and expenses. Nonetheless, if I receive any interested replies from surrounding cities you will receive the courtesy of a phone call or email from me.

Thank you.


Gil Torres
Round Rock, TX

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sustainable cotton farmers in West Texas

Hi everyone,

As I stated yesterday I have had some long term problems with my blog, but, thanks be to God, that is over.

Jennie is looking for pattern maker and seamstresses. If you do not need the work or can't handle it at this time contact your network and get the word out. Read her message below as I received on Facebook. You respond to her by going to the No Comments tab (Yes, I wish they'd label "Comments.") and leave your info.
Be sure and visit my WorkingMannequin of Facebook. Thank you and God bless all.

*    *   *

Hello there,

We are sustainable cotton farmers living in West Texas. We are buying some of your own cotton and creating a line of workwear that will promote farm to fiber. We have a spinner and weaver but, need a pattern maker and seamstresses. 

You can check out Eric's page at Son of a Farmer here on FB, and a blog will be forthcoming soon.

Any referrals that you have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Jennie Holt

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Nightmare is over . . . I'm BACK!

I have had the longest logon struggles (I have multiple blogs) and I have worked through these issues before, but this was a beast with which I do not have to tangle again any time soon or ever.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pants startup in Austin

Introducing Will Marvin. This is his call for your talent. Give him a call. gt


Your "Working Mannequin" blogspot just caught my interest and I am wondering if you might be able to help me with something I'm working on.

I have this particular style of pants that I'm trying to recreate and start a small business out of it. I am looking to work with some local Austin seamstresses to do the cut and sewing. I have the pattern and original pair of pants that I got the style from and am going to grade/mark them for sizes extra-small through extra-large.

I'm currently looking for somewhere to source the right types of fabric and, as soon as I have these things in line, I will be looking to have a couple samples made and eventually move forward with an order of around 60 items, to start out.

I'm very interested in the business model you put forward on your blog that uses readily available independent contractors.
Please let me know if you are still in this line of work and can help me in any way.

Thanks very much, and hope I to hear back from you soon.

Will Marvin


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nikki searching for pattern maker

Introducing Nikki,

Nikki lives in Houston. She is searching for a pattern maker and a manufacturer for her startup women's head apparel business. She has sketches and not a lot of startup capital.

Next, she is looking for a sewing contractor to make a small order (100) for testing with family and friends.

I could be mistaken, but I do not think a manufacturer would have much interest in a small order. In any case if you are a manufacturer call Nikki. If you a consultant who has the talent and are eager to take up an opportunity go for it.
Nikki is willing to drive to Austin, but I know some of you on my Distribution List (DL) live in or near Houston.

Help each other. Work with each other.

If anyone has knowledge of these pattern makers please share that with Nikki.

Superior Pattern Works Inc
1524 Mesquite Street, Houston, TX 77093-1041
(281) 442-1422

Fagan Pattern CO
6929 Romona Boulevard
Houston, TX 77086-3220

Orsak Pattern & Machine (see Facebook)
501 N Lavaca, Moulton, TX 77975-4518

Visit me on Facebook:

I really encourage and invite you all to send me a friend request and you so you can write on my wall, share and discuss ideas and events in apparel related to your personal or business interests.

Selected blog articles:

Best regards,


Saturday, January 21, 2012

School district Board of Trustees presentation on middle school students and computer ownership . . . beginning in Round Rock

How do you increase computer ownership among middle school students in our current economy? How important is it given the state of our education system in America? How can we profess to encourage, involve and increase our children's commitment to their own education if many of them continue to disconnect with the cyber world of knowledge and information as soon as they leave the school classroom? How do you create an income generating opportunity for computer hobbyists, computer technicians, electrical engineers and others?

This is my two-prong proposal to school district Board of Trustees and Superintendents. It is a local, regional, state and nationwide proposal. The proposal involves no cost to these school districts. Rather it is a grassroots partnership between community citizens and local vendors and resellers. Along with community and local vendors and resellers are nonprofit agencies. It is the role of these nonprofits whose mission is the improvement of the well-being and education of our children who compensate those who build or setup these computer systems. This partnership makes laptop/desktop computer ownership among middle school students a real possibility for children who have little hope of owning a computer.

The city of Round Rock Texas estimates 95% of its homes have internet access. The school district estimates 80% of homes have a computer. However, the district acknowledges this figure drops dramatically when applied to middle school students, specifically. Some school district issue laptops year round for their high school students. This is commendable.

Whether computer hobbyists, computer technicians and others who build or setup (at the child's home or local churches) are motivated by economic or altruistic reasons this two-prong proposal is an effective and efficient response to four realities affecting middle school children.

1. The gaps in these numbers reveal an unacceptable reality for our middle school children.

2. At-home computer & online technologies do not translate to access for children necessarily.

3. Ownership of school-issue laptops does not bridge the gap of a three month summer break.

4. This technology gap leaves children behind at the top of the poverty list in America.

Thus far I have presented my proposal to the Round Rock ISD, Georgetown ISD with Austin ISD upcoming in January 2012 and Pflugerville ISD in February 2012. I am calling on these Boards or their Superintends to write a letter of support on my behalf to their nonprofit partners. All nonprofit funds are for to compensate those citizens of the community who build and/or setup laptop/desktop computer systems for the middle school students.

Our cities, small and large, will soon see increasing numbers of returning military men and women. The opportunity for them to connect and contribute while earnings some income may go a long way towards their transition back into the community, their families and their own school children.
If you are a computer hobbyist, computer technician, electrical engineer or other or know someone who would like to make a difference among middle school children; I want to hear from you.
Reply to this article with your questions or comments.