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Monday, May 25, 2009

Pattern Making Job

Hello i am trying to manufacture my own line. Your the first name that came up for pattern making + Austin,Texas. I'm making jeans. So please call or email me back regarding this job.

Thank you for your time, Naveed.

"Let no man despise your youth; . . ." I Timothy 4:12

Every time I receive an email requesting my assistance I count it as yet another possibilty. The possibility of independent consultant and retailers in apparel partnering together to create effective, economic, expanding networks. Networks which begin with local roots then grow to regional, state and nationwide generating income for network members.

I received just such an email from Naveed last week. Naveed is a high school teenager with big dreams. I commend and praise him for his dream. The quotation above is a reminder written by the apostle Paul to a young man named Timothy to allow no man despise his youth. There are just too many examples of young teenage dreamers in numerous fields who had a dream and knew nothing better than to follow it.

At this writing Naveed informs me he has received replies from the network in my email distribution list. If you are interested contact him by posting your comment to this post.

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