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Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Wise Ant

I love to see the independent contractor/consultant model ever transforming itself.

If you have a desire and willingness to tutor you need to checkout Wyzant. They have done a truly great job of using the independent contractor model in compliance with government standards and ensuring you, the independent contractor/tutor receive your compensation. Too often the contractor model is compromised when parties involved try to create their own contractor/client agreement only to create difficulties with the government, but the folks at Wyzant have been quite thorough and upfront.

The range of topics available for tutoring range from accountany to Bible to general computer, sewing, soccer and much more.

I am registered to tutor English and Spanish as well as other subjects.

Also, if you need assistance updating or creating your resume you need to take advantage of a free service of the Round Rock library. I teach this class. The course content repeats every week so you don't miss out on anything from week to week.



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