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Monday, March 31, 2008

Devushka - - Seamstresses needed

If you deliver quality and are looking for an opportunity to network with others in apparel give Jenny and Kim in Austin, TX, a call. They need seamstresses, now! gt

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Hello All, I am Jenny Howe, with Devushka and I am desperately seeking seamstresses!Gil should remember me, but if you haven't heard of the Devushka project, it is essentially a vintage inspired line of dresses created by myself and my business partner Kim. "Devushka" means girl in Russian, so we have a bit of an Eastern European flair.

We have been designing the dresses and showing / selling them in local fashions shows and events all over Austin for the past few months. In fact, our first show made "Austin's 10 Best Fashion Events of 2007," in the Chronicle!

Carmen Montoya was a wonderful asset to our winter line, helping us create a full inventory of dresses in less than three months. However, we are now about to expand with an on-line store, and would like to, in turn, expand our network of seamstresses. We need a group that is capable of cranking out a rather large number of dresses over the next year, and would pay per dress, a value depending on the difficulty of each dress. The group can be either a shop or individuals, as we worked last round with an alterations shop in Florence, and Carmen as well.

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please email or call me at 512-507-9176.




The 318 Student Ministry will host a


benefiting GREENSBURG MISSION 2008

June 21

Cost: $5.00

This blog was created to post information articles. The majority are on the IC-Network business model, others on faith related matters. A few have been requests on behalf of people who have asked for my help in finding pattern makers, seamstresses and others.

This post is a request for your help.

It is not for myself.

It is for the Greensburg Mission 2008 work to be carried out through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, July 20 -27. The 318 Student Ministry with its corp of middle thru high school students will travel to tornado-ravaged Greensburg Kansas later this summer to work.

The entire project is the decision and response to the call to ministry by the students under the leadership of their peers. Elijah Godfrey will travel to Greensburg to lead and support the ministry group. The project includes a multitude of different tasks such as cleanup, building, decorating and encouraging the families of Greensburg Kansas.

How and by what means you may choose to support the 318 Student Ministry with their expenses is for you to purpose in your heart, prayerfully.

Your may direct your response to:

Round Rock Church of Christ
1200 N. Georgetown Street
Round Rock, TX 78664

I will accept any questions you may have about this mission.

Thank you in advance for your time and support of the 318 Student Ministry.

The Lord bless you.

Best regards,


Monday, March 24, 2008

Cedar Park TX freelance pattern maker

If you are interested in contacting Stephanie reply with a comment to this post. wm

My name is Stephanie Merzon and I am a freelance pattern maker. I work out of my home in Cedar Park. I have been living in the Austin area for 6 years and have built up a small business providing patterns for many local designers who produce clothing of about every type you could imagine. I have had over 40 years of experience. I am always interested in working with new designer and would appreciate being put in contact with them.
Thank you.
Stephanie Merzon

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The resurrection

There are some things, I suppose, of which the faith that is in Jesus could be stripped and legitimately questioned. None, I can state unequivocably, amount to anything of consequence. As an example; were the last verses of the last chapter in the gospel according to Mark removed because, as has been amply proven by scholars, those verses do not appear in the most ancient manuscripts. Nothing lost. There is nothing contained in those verses that is not elsewhere stated by other New Testament writers.

Were the same scrutiny applied to religious holidays it would become evident Christmas, Easter and all religious holidays considered by the world as "Christian holidays", are absent in the entirety of the New Testament. Nothing lost. There is nothing of any consequence concerning holidays. According to New Testament writers, Christians who opt to celebrate a holiday are neither more nor less pleasing to God. The defining point: Do not allow another to impose their holiday observance on you and don't you impose your refusal to observe a holiday on another.

If one would image an inverted pyramid balanced on its point and it contained the vastness of everything that makes up the faith that is in Jesus the final point on which ALL hinges is: The resurrection. Were the same scrutiny applied to the resurrection and it failed then the entirety of faith in Jesus and living for Jesus would be a fraud.

I will not go into the book, chapter and verse nor how much sense it makes, because. . .it doesn't. I will direct anyone with the slightest curiousity to skip from Genesis all the way through the gospel according to Matthew to the closing chapter. Do likewise with the other gospel accounts of Mark, Luke and John to read the closing chapters. Therein one will find every conceivable, let me rephrase, every common objection and ridicule posed by men and women, against the real and greatest event in the history of the world, thus far.

The significance of the resurrection (whether one believes it or not) as put forth in scripture is: Death is not the final stop, and, Jesus is Lord. The further significance of that as concerns Jesus should concern all who would follow him. Namely, that his ascent to the position of Lord he attained, and so instilled on his disciples, had no ties whatsoever to a piece of dirt, or territory, or relic, or special day, or, taking of another's life because their unbelief. These "ties" are what all "religious conflicts" have in common. It is a travesty when Christians find themselves tied up in "defending" Jesus by fighting for those things with which he had no part.

The beauty of the resurrection is the transformative power it affects in the life of the believer who has grasped its significance. It is a life with meaning and purpose. It is a life which finds fulfillment in loving God through worship, being of service to to God through service to others. The reality of the resurrection in the life of the individual brings a perspective to troubled marriages, a stressful business environments, a view of world matters and more. Furthermore, it makes Jesus more than a "nice man" or "a prophet" (not one, by biblical definition).

Jesus was declared by the power of the resurrection to be the Son of God. Jesus is Lord.

Need seamstresses for dress line

If you meet the qualifications as spelled out by Linda give her a call. Linda is one of those enormously talented people who are in Austin and elsewhere. She, however, was voted Best Austin Designer. Congratulations, Linda!
Her contact information is at the bottom. Gil
* * * * *

Hi Gil,
I need to source more seamstresses for my business. I specialize in cocktail and bridal dresses. If you know of anyone who is interested and has commercial sewing experience, please let me know or tell them they can contact me directly.
You can visit my site at I was recently voted Best Austin Designer in the Rare Magazine Reader's Poll.

Thank you,Linda
-----------------------------LINDA ASAF DESIGN1405 West Sixth StreetAustin, TX 78703
P: 512.619.3303F: 512.233.2330

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pattern maker wanted

Hi Gilbert! My name is Casey Smith and I am a new designer in the area trying to locate a apparel pattern maker in either San Antonio or Austin. Is this something you consult? I'm not sure of your venture, but I have run across your name through several internet searches. Please let me know if I am on the right track or if you can help. Thank you very much!-Casey

If you are interested or know someone who is, forward this message to them.

Direct your replies to Casey at:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Intel levels whitebook playing field

Intel, late in 2007, flexed its muscle and stature in the tech world and began some big changes in its whitebook channel program. The company then followed-up by introducing its standardization model, "Jackson Bay" motherboard to the whitebook industry. Whitebook is the computer industry term for generic or non-brand notebooks. Although the climb for custom system builder VARs (Value-Added Resellers) to profitability in whitebox may seem a long, slow drive there is good reason to believe otherwise.

Whitebook system building has gone from being challenging to being attractive. Unlike the bulky whitebox, (desktops) building a whitebook represents big challenges for VARs and mom and pop resellers. Aside from the relative small size of whitebooks, system builders face component compatability issues (hard drives, ports, etc.) and a total lack of support from Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs).

Until now the notebook market playing field was owned by tier one vendors like Dell and HP. Clearly, they had no interest in the VAR whitebook market. Tier one vendors had the total support of suppliers and designers. But, what Intel's action means for VARs is the possibility of replicating whitebox sales revenues in the whitebook market. The success stories from VARs are pending, still. However, there is understandable excitement among resellers about the Intel whitebook motherboard standardization model. The timeframe may be a quick one before those watching for results in this whitebook market development make a commitment with a system builder the size of Equus leading the way.

No better partner for Intel than custom systems builder Equus Computer Systems has taken up Intel's new mobility whitebook motherboard. Between Equus' sales generating experience, a track record for others to follow suit and a down economy driving VARs to dig up business, ramp-up in sales in the whitebook market may not be far off.

A soaring notebook market

Tier one vendors such as Dell have experimented in the whitebox market. Dell left the market after a short two years ostensibly because they found customers preferred brand. The resellers' view: Dell's whitebox options totaled one model, and, it was priced higher than systems in stores. The 3 billion dollar whitebox market was hardly saturated at the time Dell exited.
Presently, the industry has seen the desktop market reach its saturation point. Coincidentally, the industry fell in 2007 from its first place sales position to apparel retail sales for the first time since Internet sales have been recorded. Who said this is bad news: The industry, in the same year, began experiencing soaring notebook sales. VARs, on the other hand, attest to the near impossibility of building whitebooks cost-efficiently because of widescale incompatibility involving motherboards, ports, cases and just a lack of support from Original Device Manufacturers (ODM).

Where is the whitebook market?

The common perception of tier one vendors dominating systems sales on all fronts in not so. The lion's share of the whitebox market belongs, not to tier one vendors, but to VARs. Now, with compatability issues laid to rest VARs can bite off their piece of the whitebook market, too. Where might VARs focus their sales? Precisely, on the previously mentioned 3 billion dollar whitebox market. When an in-house team recommends (less then a year after Dell exited the whitebox market) that the company return to the whitebox market and focus on Blacks and Hispanics in America that is to say the market whitebox/book market is there, still. The low-income sector represents an overlooked market and people with limited Internet access through the public library. Valuable as is the information it is old news for VARs.

Who is better suited for the whitebook market?

Although Dell, with its direct model ( and retail, now) has been touted as best suited among tier ones for the whitebox market, really, it's a better fit for VARs, independent contractors (ICs) and even more IE-Networks; Independent Enterprise Networks. They have the advantage of established and establishing relationships in their community in ways no tier one vendor can do. IE-Network members, or individuals, those at-home computer techs, engineers and hobbyists are precisely the VARs non-employee force which can penetrate the whitebook market. These are individual men and women who build for different reasons, whether financial, fun or social activism.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The PROM DRESS NETWORK was created in February 2007 in Round Rock Texas. The PDN allows customers to view an information list of designers with name, phone number and location. Customers select a designer, call to consult on designer's availability and discuss fabric, style, price and terms of payment. Designers in the PDN pay no network membership fees.

Theoretically, designers anywhere in the country can participate in the PDN. An early suggestion to limit designer participation designer participation to Round Rock, Austin and central Texas was well-intentioned, but not necessary. Therefore, effective immediately designer participation in the PDN is unlimited.

Designers anywhere in the US, from Alaska to Florida and Maine to Hawaii can have their information posted on the Working Mannequin blog PROM DRESS NETWORK link. The PROM DRESS NETWORK at-home entrepreneurial model allows individuals with the Knowledge, Skills and Experience to produce apparel for their private clientele. These are moms and daughters who search and shop for all things perfect in a prom dress. Sky-high prices are lost in the emotional pitch of the short season and the young consumer's likes. Local designers in the PDN, whether in El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, Boise Idaho or Tallahassee Florida, can manage price better for the select consumer without the overhead expense of a conventional retailer.

Why is designer participation in the PDN free of cost?

The PDN at-home model is an innovative model. It is important as many different individuals in as many different locations tryout and test the practicality, potential and the immediate profits of the PDN model for themselves. Designers keep profits earnings entirely.

If you decide you would like to participate in the PDN, today; email your information. Then, watch the PDN link for the addition of your information.

Si gusta, favor de enviar su mensaje en espanol y le atenderemos.

"Nets work. . .spread the word"