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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Apparel & Computer manufacturing


There’s an interesting contrast between the apparel and computer manufacturing industries in these short articles. I have listed the important points in both articles for an easy comparison. These are things which concern both industries as well as independent consultants, resellers and retailers, too. Especifically, the objectives of growth and reduction of costs are commmon to both whether your manufacturing partner is a party of more than one, local or overseas.

The Independent Consultant (Independent Contractor, Independent Enterprise) Network model is well suited for addressing those areas of primary concern; finding a manufacturing partner, growth, cost reduction and profit margin increase. As independents, the life (or death) of the partnership whose life purpose stems from 1) design, 2) manufacturing and logistics, 3) materials and 4) operating expenses, is dependent on the service provider as the service recipient network members. The risk is nominal, because neither one has great amounts of money invested. The IE-Network at-home model is local, regional, statewide and nationwide beginning in Round Rock, Texas.

A verifiable set of information to obtain when looking for an apparel manufacturer:

their facility the
number of people they employ
their bank references
their customers' references
their management team.

The areas of growth in computer manufacturing:

global consumer
small and medium enterprise
emerging countries, while improving profitability and cash returns

The actions of growth in computer manufacturing: reduce total product costs across all areas, including

1 design
2 manufacturing and logistics
3 materials
4 operating expenses

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