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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sign The Petition

There is a matter of urgency which requires your political activisim. Perhaps neither you nor your friends are independent apparel makers, but somewhere it is likely the clothes you and your friends wear may well have been designed or produced by an independent individual or small group of independent contractors/consultants.

Kathleen Fasanella, owner of Fashion Incubator blog, has a much longer history in her (and mine) drive to make people aware and rallying them to sign the petition Design Prohibition Piracy Act. She has provided all the reading and links if you wish to delve deeper in the subject.

Your signature (this is the "political activism" part) requires no more than just that, _ your signature, yet its impact on behalf of independent designers, producers will be significant.

As my church knows my interest and passion for independent contractor/consultants in apparel design and production I will ask our staff to send this out to the entire church body. I will post this on as well.

Just do it.


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