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Monday, November 03, 2008

Borrowing change

I want to borrow a theme word from the election 2008 campaign for my own recurring theme: Change.

Specifically, that is change in the independent consultant / retailer business model relationship. Maybe you’re feeling our current economic crisis press on you for a “survive-to-thrive-again” mindset. What comes to mind, typically? Reduce your workforce? Reduce your expenses? These measures may be good for your business despite the wrenching gut-feeling from facing workers you esteem to dismiss them. Reducing your expenses involves less direct human interaction: Stop eat-out, take-out meal, seek out less a expensive source.

Again, these measures, from the business owner’s perspective, are good. However, the problem remains: You have not increased inbound cash flow. Who said you can’t increased cash flow in a recession (Yes, it’s time to face up to the r word . . .reality, too)? You ever notice in a “down” economy there’s always someone who’s buying when others are selling in a panic? One of the noteworthy responses to the global economic crisis was significantly different than other past regional economic downturns in the world. National leaders, in past regional economic downturns, scrambled to gain an edge for their country at the expense of their neighbor.

Independent Consultant Networks survive and thrive for people and because of people who survive and thrive only by helping others gain an advantage for themselves.
It’s the familiar adage: “What goes around comes around” with a mutual benefit twist for all.

Seven key elements of a local Network of consultants and retailers partnership represents:

1. A buyer bloc for fabric, sewing supplies, sewing machines retailers, sewing instructors, designers.
2. An ever-increasing source of talent to design and produce for local retailers no-inventory, low-cost customer-made apparel.
3. A ready source of low-procurement cost from local consultants.
4. A cost-free word-of-mouth advertising source in the form of consultants and retailers.
5. An ability to create and limit own fashion styles, own label.
6. A platform for ongoing discussion of ideas related to apparel, design techniques, fashion, vendor sources and more.
7. An ever increasing source of revenue, residual income and bonuses.

Lets network together for one another's benefit in order to survive today and thrive tomorrow.

Watch for business presentation announcement in early December 2008 in Round Rock TX.

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