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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Layaway the IDG way

Revisiting, revising and innovation of old and new ideas has become a necessity survival strategy where not too long ago the ever maddening and relentless rush was for the new and trendy.

Layaway is one of those old retail business practices which has made its way back into daily business. Layaway, as a purchase plan, became popular in American retail during the 1930s Depression. It allowed people in serious economic struggle to purchase items otherwise out of their reach through a simple plan. Basically, the retailer retained possession of the merchandise until the buyer paid for it over a short timeframe from four to twelve weeks.

Since fall of 2008 Burlington Coat Factory, Kmart, Sears and Marshall's have reinstated the layaway plan.

What would a layaway plan look like and benefit consumer and retailer through the apparel Independent Consultant/Contractor Network model?

The creation of the local Independent Design Group (IDG) is self replication. You are the best. You know those closest to you and can readily identify others with top quality skills and service in apparel to bring into a network alliance. The IDG can easily implement a self-styled layaway plan of its own. I use the term "design" in a very general sense to include pattern-making, assembly, alteration and everything necessary to produce an apparel item to the customer's satisfaction. The IDG generates revenues for all members.

1 Network retailer members simply post in their boutique the IDG service for their customers and clients.

2 IDG members advise or recommend options to the client: Purchase a pattern, have one made, recommend fabrics, styles. The pattern is their property and is reusable and alterable.

3 The customer/client (CC) purchases/saves their pattern, fabrics and as well as their service fee. Whether it takes the CC one or two months neither consultant nor retailer have any investment tied up.

In the same manner as layaway plans work, IDG members can secure a portion of the service fee at the time they receive the order is delivered to them. Service by IDG members is either through the retailer or directly with the CC with compensation coming from either the retailer or the CC.

Layaway, the IDG way, is a practical, economic means for consumer and consultant/retailer alike to benefit in this present opportunity. Major retailers have shown their readiness and willingness to accept lessons and instruction in this economic environment. Independent retailer are equally capable of learning and implementing layaway for their gain and ultimate survival.

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