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Sunday, October 05, 2008

PROM 2009

It is a source of wonder to me the readership on this blog. The StatCounter on my blog has exceeded the free entries I am allowed. That means I am no longer able to get complete, accurate figures for the number of visitors to the blog. More important for me than the numbers is the “visitor paths”, that is, from where the blog site visits come.

Over the past several months there have been repeat visits from Oregon, Florida, Texas, England, Mexico to name a few. Although my initial plans do not extend beyond US borders it indicates an interest on the part of these readers. These are the top four most read posts

Cedar Park TX freelance pattern maker


Round Rock Prom Dress Style

Hollister CA

Clearly, the PROM DRESS posts draw the most interest.

It pleases me greatly to announce I have succeeded in, despite being tech-challenged, posting the PROM-DRESS NETWORK link.

Do you think the Prom will be canceled in 2009 because of our economy or because mom or dad have lost their jobs whether in Round Rock TX or Oregon?

I don’t think so. What this does present is a need and an opportunity involving prom dress choices, purchases, costs and income for creative, resourceful people.

Anybody in the 50 US states can have their name added to the Network. Anybody, high school student, mom, dad with the Knowledge, Skills and Experience to assemble/create or design a prom dress in the comfort of their home can do so.

Actually, I see no reason why anybody outside the US can’t be included in the Network if they believe it might help them.

How does it work?

A Stony Point, Round Rock, McNeil, or Westwood high school girl and/or mom is browsing the Internet for Prom Dress choices. This blog site shows up in their Google search. They click the hyper-link and look under their state heading for consultants, that is, a designer in their town or closest to them. They call and come to terms. The designer delivers the client their dress at an affordable price in time for the big event.

Price and payment are agreed upon between consultant and client.
Prom 2009 will be here before you know it. Now is the time to lay down some groundwork. Get your name on the Network.

Email your information to: Subject: signup

Then, spread the word.


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