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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Clearing Up Independence Daze

We have two independence days in America. We don't even recognize one. The other we celebrate. The first occurs some time past mid-May. It is regarded as Independence Day as that is the point at which the average American taxpayer has fulfilled his tax obligation to Uncle Sam. That is, almost half the year you work for the government. The other Independence Day we celebrate is the fourth of July. It is enough to throw one into an independence daze.

When King George's new world subjects rebelled against the English throne it was to free themselves of a type of government whose oppressive deeds had reached a boiling point, finally.

Golden cuffs

Today, we Americans celebrate our independence from England and King George. Americans do not live in shackles or under occupation by a foreign government. Independence Day is a day of rest, parades, picnics and family. Others may wonder whether their freedom and independence is a myth, not a reality, only.

Ironically, American freedom and independence which gave rise to free enterprise economy and capitalism has become subservient to it. Americans exchanged their values of freedom and independence in return for a job, then pay raises, then benefits, bonuses, profit-share. These "golden cuffs" became a source of boastful pride among "cuffed" employees with the intended effect that no one in their right mind would want to leave (or could leave?) such job security. Lest anyone forget who calls the shots; it's the company, still.

Reclaim your freedom and independence

When is it time to rise up and reclaim your freedom and independence? What are the indicators it is time for action? Rising food prices? Rising fuel costs? Job outsourcing, colossal debacles (think Enron, Bear Stearns) brought on as the result of greed and incompetence? Is the pot boiling?

Employed, underemployed and unemployed workers take stock of your resources. These resources are your Knowledge, Skills and Experience. You have been endowed by the Creator with these unalienable resources. That's what enabled you and your fellow workers to take your employer to the competitive edge. KSE is the wealth resources, the collateral to utilize in the launch of your independent contractor (IC) service and begin reclaiming your freedom and independence.

A short lesson from history

Learn a short lesson from the colonialists. It was not one, but a mass of individuals who rose up together against King George's excessive taxes for a common cause; a common good. Ultimately, their revolt resulted in their independence and a constitution framed by our Founding Fathers with care and wisdom. Our Founding Fathers did not intend to deny powers of taxation in the new nation, but that such taxation would not be excessive. Today, the call to action and independence is neither to destroy your brother's property nor to shed blood, but to act for the common good of one another. It is a praiseworthy, biblical admonition.

The important point to take from this is the significance and effect of taxes on your family. It is not how much money you earn. It is how much you keep. How well you leverage tax law to your advantage will determine how much or your earnings you keep for your family.

Yearn to be free

Apparel makers, computer systems builders, floor maintenance, landscaping, roofing, automotive, house painting, satellite dish installation, AC installation and repair, Do-It-Yourself (DIY). These individuals, some categorized by the federal government as being between "non to low-skilled" in fact possess a great deal of KSE. They frequent Home Depot, Goodwill, Lowes, Directron, Fry's, Radio Shack, and any place where they can get what they need to do the job whether for self or others for charity or profit. Some, as in the computer (IT) field, networking, sofware engineering, are highly specialized. All engage in a common effort in their respective work environments to perform a job for their employer. They all yearn to be free. Some are just caught up in an independence daze about how to go about it.

A network of United States

Who said you and your fellow workers can't perform as independent contractors those same functions for your own clients as a network?

There are clients including individuals, small business and startups who would welcome a powerful effective, efficient network to keep their costs down, gain the competitive edge on domestic and foreign business. A network may be their best force against domestic companies who now compete with them from their offshore perch. The United States of America is a union of fifty states bound together for their common good. How do we all coexistent and function together? We are, by any other word, a "network" of states bound, by ideology, to live and work together.

How do you and others with your KSE come together to unite for your common good? You network together. As a networker you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. A network that generates income in three different forms (personal, residual and bonus) is not just a social club or a hang out for buddies. It is a network, not unlike our United States of America, open to all the above, apparel makers, roofers, etc. because it is in your interest that each one succeeds. The success of one is the success of the other. This is free enterprise. This is capitalism.

The pot is boiling. Next layoff think of it as a clearing up of independence daze when you decide to create your own IC-Network for you and your family's future.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. . . The Declaration of Independence

This year enjoy and rejoice with thanksgiving to God on the Fourth of July.
Happy Independence Day!

Monday, May 26, 2008

What are you driving?


A group of entities; individuals and businesses, who come together to form an alliance or
partnership for a common advantage.

A driving analogy

Everyday Americans of various employ jump into their cars. They make they navigate streets
and highways. They drive high speeds behind, alongside and ahead of other motorists. Outwardly, some of them may drive the exact same vehicle as you. However, that enlightens
you neither to the car's features nor the driver's habits. The peculiar thing is you do not know those motorists, their driving skills or where they work. The amazing thing about it is how well it works! Accidents are not the norm. They are the exception. It is in everyone's interest to excercise every human psychological, physical, mental, spiritual and legal, resource to make this volatile, mobil feat work. It's not rocket science. Failure is not an option.

IE-Networks are not impossible. They are innovative.

What drives Independent Enterprise Networks? People who as employees, acquired, amassed and developed the Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) and drove their employers to the competitive edge. This KSE, or wealth resource as diverse as the many cars on the road, is the property of and for the use of Independent Contractors (individuals) and Retailers/Resellers (businesses). They are not all contractors, but they are all enterprises, hence, the IE-Network moniker.

You may know everyone in a network of two, but a network of ever increasing and diverse resources (KSE) poses as daunting a task as knowing every motorist on the road. Ironically, our current economy has a driving affect on two things: Rising fuel costs for motorists and an increasing appeal for an economic IE-Network model. It raises the question: What am I driving?

No one can predict what the dynamic life of an IE-Network will look like, but can it work? ABSOULTELY! Lets drive!

Watch this blog for next business presentation.

The following are not jobs. They are presented as examples of various positions filled by employees, usually. IE-Networks can offer these same resources for individual and small business clients, not as employees, but as independent contractors.

System Administrator

Job summary: Responsible for the installation, configuration, administration and maintenance for workstations, servers and other network connected devices on the Sunbelt Software network. Analyzes and resolves problems associated with company hardware, operating systems, common business applications and end user support.Qualifications:
Previous Exchange 2003 & Exchange 2007 management required.
Previous IIS6 Web Server management required (previous skills in a load balanced environment helpful)
Need hands on skills with configuring, maintenance, and recovering the following storage technologies; SCSI, DAS, SANS.
Full understanding of Microsoft Windows Networking including; AD, GPO's, DNS, DHCP, DFS, IPSec, ISA, LCS/OCS, NTFS, NLB, WLBS.
Needs experience in building Windows XP and Vista images for rapid deployment.
Experience with backups and disaster recovery is required.
Cisco VoIP also desired.
SQL administration experience is required.
Previous experience with VMWare ESX Server helpful
Some *nix experience helpful
Ability to multitask on long term projects while dealing with day to day user requests for support.

Sofware Engineer LAMP
Job summary: We are looking for a Software Engineer with a strong background in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) technology stack.You will work as a key member of our anti-malware technology team. You will be working with all aspects of our industry-leading Sandbox technologies, actively participating in the design, development, testing strategies and support of a critical Sunbelt technology. In addition, you will also participate in the development of Ninja Blade product – a next generation gateway server for email hygiene and filtering.Qualifications:
Self-motivated individual with excellent problem solving, troubleshooting and communication skills
1 - 3 years of development experience utilizing LAMP
Understanding of LAMP deployment best practices
C/C++, make, gcc/g++, gdb, autoconf, shell, Python, strongly preferred
Understanding of networking and Internet protocols XML, JavaScript highly desired
Experience with MySQL database design preferred
Scripting skills in at least one common language (Perl, Shell, Python) - Python preferred
A Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science or equivalent engineering experience
Associate Technical Support Engineer
Requirements:• BSCS degree or equivalent. • Strong knowledge of Linux networking.• Understanding of NAS/IP storage (NFS and CIFS) plus hands on experience using NetApp, EMC and SUN filers. • Strong working knowledge in networking, sub-netting, TCP/IP, and tools that deal with networks.• Experience developing scripts and programs in Perl, C/C , HTML or Java • Flexible, team-oriented and ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities.• Excellent written and verbal communication skills including the ability to provide clear, concise, and timely status updates to customers. • Ability to work independently and demonstrate leadership skills to manage technical support group, as needed.

Sales Engineer

Required Skills: * 4 years of IT experience in a Vendor, Professional Services, IT Consulting, Systems Integration, or end-user environment * 2 years, technical pre-sales experience, or technical business related experience * Excellent organizational, customer service and communication skills * Professional presentation skills * Hands-on experience with Windows 2000/2003, Citrix Presentation Server , and WAN\LAN * Self-starter that manages time and activities with little day-to-day guidance or interaction from management * Excellent listening skills resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction. Must be able to listen for opportunities as well as potential technical barriers. * Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

Technical Support Rep

Requirements: *Zero to Three years previous experience in Customer Support role. *Must have knowledge on Windows platforms including hardware, registry, work group rules, OS, and Application upgrades. *Desire to provide exceptional customer support and act as customer advocate in changing environment. *Familiarity with Linux, UNIX, SQL database queries, XML, HTML and java. *Competent computer skills, dynamic personality, well-spoken; to conduct Web-based presentations.Preferred Skills: *Experience selling systems management (help desk, patch management, software delivery, asset management, remote control) is a plus. *Ability to create Windows script and knowledge of web based hosted solutions highly desirable.

Computer and Network Technician

Perform : MS Windows, Hardware and Software Diagnostics, Repairs, Installations, Configurations, and Upgrades; Hardwire and Wireless Networking; Delivery and Setup; Virus, Parasite and SpyWare Removal; Tutoring: etc., * Preferred Education/Experience: CompTIA A+ Certification -AND/OR- CompTIA Network+ Certification -AND/OR- have one of the following Networking Certifications or equivalent Degree(s): MCP, MCSE, MCSE+I, MCSA, -AND- at least six(6) months of equivalent Computer & Networking hands-on experience.

Partners and Resellers

With the __ Appliance, resellers, systems integrators, and OEMs can solve critical messaging and security business issues for their clients. They can add significant value by designing and deploying exactly the system their clients need for for email archiving, data leak detection, compliance, and the electronic discovery requirements of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Unlike most competitive products which come as a hardware/software bundle, the __ is highly customizable. This gives resellers the opportunity to add significant value:
Build a system with the processing power and storage that your client requires.
Use the hardware and storage vendors you trust and know how to support.
Add additional storage or virtualized storage when it is needed.
Tune the ____ system to your client's needs. For example, the ___ hostile work environment policy management tests can be adjusted on a scale of 1-100. Some organizations will want you to adjust to the norms of their business.
Create the customized lists that your customers may require. For example, ___ can detect email to competitors. But, somebody needs to tell the system who the competitors may be.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

IE-Networks and Americans, immigration and economy

A profitable at-home network, not government or employment in the private sector, affects the immigration and economic status of Hispanics in America. The target of this network represents a response within the larger context of displaced apparel manufacturing American workers of which, it is safe to say, the greater percentage are Hispanic. Simultaneously, this response, by extension, provides a real, living, human, national response towards people, not just issues of immigration and economy.

A woman, in her 40s, single, with children, monolingual spanish-speaking Hispanic, displaced apparel manufacturing worker with a primary education is the at-home target. However, there are thousands of displaced workers like her who possess a wealth of resources capable of producing a positive impact on their immigration and/or economic status. These are resources acquired over the years of employment; the Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) best utilized through IC-Networks (Independent Contractor Networks) to produce affordable, at-home, custom and regular apparel for their own private clients or local independent apparel retailers.

As at-home independent contractors (not employees) their legal or illegal immigration status represents neither a legal risk for retailers nor a threat for job-seeking Americans.

Conversely, their contribution makes for a significant impact towards strengthening the US economy.

The following is derived from a conversation with a business friend. It illustrates how the network, as a pragmatic alternative, can affect the lives of these individuals, their families and independent apparel businesses, significantly.

An independent retailer purchases from a merchandiser an elegant dress for sixty dollars. After the resale the retailer pockets a twenty dollar profit. However, a retailer who takes from 30 to 50 of that 60 dollar investment and partners with an at-home, local IC-Network has made an business inventory savings and increased the entrepreneur's bank account. Furthermore, IC-Network (or Independent Enterprise-Networks) membership is open to contractor and retailer enterprises, alike. Networks represent the potential for three forms of revenue generation: Personal productivity and sale plus residual income and bonuses paid by the network parent company.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Top Ten reasons why you should attend

. . .the IE-Network business presentation @ Caffe Panini

10 You needed one more social outing to fill your monthly calendar.

9 You want to impress your husband/wife/date how well you streamline together business and leisure.

8 You have the perfect excuse to drop in at Caffe Panini.

7 You were looking for some inspiration in a business direction.

6 You are tired of working a job.

5 You are tired of not being able to help others in your family and community.

4 You know too many people with so much talent whom you would like to give hope.

3 Now that you are at this point in your life you feel it's what needs to be done.

2 You never heard of such a concept as the IE-Network model.

1 You are determined to prove to your friend you were right about the IE-Network business.

The following is a great illustration of the IE-Network model. gt

A few weeks ago a friend of mine modeled the IE-Network model, unwittingly.

After a period of some time his son had purchased every component necessary to build his new beast machine. It was time to call in an expert. It was time to call his dad.

My friend then traveled a few hundred miles to visit with his son and his family over the weekend. Some time during the weekend they gathered the components in the living room, kitchen or garage and built a fine machine.

Cost? Whatever the son paid for the components. Dad was quite pleased, I expect, to see his grand kids.

Lets tweak that scenario a bit.

Someone; a friend, neighbor or relative, would like to own a computer. However, even the low price of $400 we are begining to see is a bit more than they can put out-of-pocket, comfortably. You, as an IE-Networker, advise him/her where they can purchase a motherboard. The following month a power supply and hard drive. Next month, the case and memory until they have purchase all the necessary components. Next, he/she calls you or drops by to set a time when you can build the system for the agreed upon fee; for profit.

Whatever the total cost of components (even were they to be a bit over the least expensive system in retail) and your fee he/she is able to fit it into their regular living expenses. You build the system. Service may be handled either by the parts retailer or yourself, again, for a fee and time managable by your neighbor, friend or relative.

The IE-Network at-home model works the same whether you produce apparel for a local dress boutiques or build computers for a reseller, or your own clients.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Business Presentation (english & spanish)

(at-home Independent Enterprise Network model)

Come learn about how you can generate revenue in your home through:

apparel production, or
computer assembly

Where: Caffe Panini (Conference Room)
1105 S. Mays Suite 300
Round Rock, TX 78664
When: Wednesday May 14
10:30AM english
Cost: FREE

Cuando: Miercoles 14 de mayo

3:00 PM espanol

and / y

When: Thursday May 15
10:30AM english

Cuando: Jueves 15 de mayo

3:00 PM espanol


Donde: Caffe Panini (Sala de conferencias)
1105 S. Mays Suite 300
Round Rock, TX 78664

Venga usted e informese sobre un negocio de red
que le puede producir ganacias financieras
en su hogar ya sea a traves de:

la produccion de ropa, o
montaje de computadoras