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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Two Surveys: At-home apparel and computers

There are two surveys posted this weekend. The first one is directed at Information Technology (IT) individuals with Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) in computer and related aspects. The second survey is directed at those individuals with the KSE in apparel.

The purpose of these surveys is to generate data for the benefit of independent retailer/resellers in apparel and computer sales. Certainly, the information would be just as useful for individuals. The data is expected to reflect the range of talent, interest and location of those individuals.

Should anyone be so fortunate as to partner with an independent business to supply their apparel or computer needs that would be great. Everybody is free to do so. However, a partnership, or the creation of networks, between individuals and retailer/resellers would be for the greater benefit of many other individuals with their own wealth resources. Your KSE are your wealth resources. Furthermore, a network, although it is local, initially, expands to regional then state, then nationwide areas. These entrepreneurial opportunities are between enterprises, that is, individuals and retailer/resellers, not employees.

Take the survey and let others know you are part of the vast talent in America willing to do the best for your family. Should you wish to write any comments you may email them to: or post your thoughts on this article.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Portrait of an at-home IT talent

Many of us are aware there is an abundance of Information Technology talent in central Texas. A good number of these men and women are employed. Many others have lost or will lose their jobs to outsourcing. Some decide to not seek another employer, but choose instead to cast their luck and venture into their own IT services business. Still others get out ot the field all together and re-enter the job market in an unrelated field or unrelated business of their own.

Marriage and a baby (as some of us know) bring enormous changes and blessings into a relationship and a home. HAL, as we will call it and despite the neuter gender, is a real person rest assured. HAL, in its single days, was sourced as an independent contractor (IC) by out of state clients. Although HAL's engineering degree is in neither computer nor IT related fields, clients tapped his talents.

Now, as the stay-at-home parent with newborn child HAL is extremely please with this circumstance. HAL states there is ample room in the Round Rock TX family financial portfolio for a second income to supplement HAL's spouse's income. I do not believe HAL's situation is unique.

Some of HAL's talents include:

  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Advanced hardware/software knowledge
  • PC and server systems builder
  • Home network setup
  • Router setup and installation
  • and more . . .

High fuel costs are a strong dis-incentive to driving to a second job and is akeen to hiring additional personnel to increase profits. VARs, systems builders, and resellers who leverage IC talent like HAL are smart. Those who tap into an IE-Network of HALs are smarter.

You are invited to post inquires or comments regarding HAL.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The IE-Network model means business

Subscription, Transaction, and Advertising

These are, according to Scott Cohen in, Business Models That Mean Business, the three types of business models in existence. My point is not to argue or dispute the assertion. Rather, I prefer to size the at-home IE-Network (Independent Enterprise Network) model up against this criteria.

The IE-Network model is a subscription-based model for the company. It is a transaction-based model for members as they create and sell their product or service for their clients. Traditional advertising involving the use of media and its expenses is the members' choice.

The IE-Network model is not an Internet business. Although it will have a web presence registration of new members is face-to-face, strictly.

The IE-Network model does not rely on advertising, Often small business can not afford and when they do spend on advertising it is a wild shot. That's not to say there is no advertising, but any advertising expenditures are so minimal as to be negligble. As such, advertising by members is neither required nor expected, though as they are independent they are free to do so if they choose. Advertising is by word of mouth.

This statement by the author is as true as it is powerful of the IE-Network model:

"So, rather than attempt to change the behavior of our entire target audience or impose a "transaction" model on an inappropriate market, we created a platform that facilitated the deal-making process while still providing value and a scaleable, recurring revenue stream."

Specifically, the IE-Network model:

Facilitates - the process of procurement of products or services by retailer/reseller clients through a local network of Independent Contractors (Enterprises).

Value - is in the production of Customer-Made products by IE-Networks for the retailer/reseller clients

Scaleable - inventory for the retailer/reseller means stockpile inventory reduction or elimination as well as the flexibility to affect quick changes as needed or desired.

Revenue - flows in three different forms for members; personal productivity, recurring (residual), and bonuses.

Clearly, the IE-Network model is a business system. A business system generates revenue increasingly whether you are in the shop or out shopping. Membership in IE-Networks is open to all, whether independent contractors or retailers/resellers.

Initially, the at-home IE-Network model will launch in the areas of apparel and computer systems builder. Members need not be familiar or have knowledge of a prospective member's area of expertise to register them in the IE-Network system.

Furthermore, IE-Network members can excercise their option to operate their business system for the residual income and bonuses it can generate without themselves being involved in production of products or services.

Compensation for registration of new members is absolutely prohibited by the company, state and federal law.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The focus of my pursuit

One of my early mentors a few years ago would hit me with questions about my business model. It was always with the softening words, "I don't want to discourage you." I would assure him there was not much he could ask which I had not been asked or had not thought about, already. Regardless of the spirit or intent with which friends (and others) ask their questions I always welcome these as the teachable moment.

So, I was neither hurt, offended nor surprised when a friend suggested I might focus on an at-home job, because "that business of yours" is just too diverse. "You're trying to tackle too many things."

I agreed; _ on the part about my business. What's more although I agreed with him I stated the focus of my pursuit has not been in finding a "good job", even if it is at home, but in creating a business model where the individual can utilize his own knowledge, skills and experience to generate his own income.

I do not doubt some of you readers have yet to feel you understand what the IE-Network model is, how it works and how it can earn you money. Some of that may be my inability to communicate my message clearly. Then, of course, this has been a long-running monologue with me don't the "talking." Some of it may be because you, the interested readers, may be focused on the wrong thing. Let me illustrate through the following analogy how we immerse ourselves in environments so diverse it would scare us away were we to focus on the wrong thing.

Diversity of IE-Networks

First, let me reiterate some of what makes up IE-Networks. Independent Enterprise Networks can include members from very diverse backgrounds and interests. An IE-Network member may bring other contractors which may include at-home apparel makers, computer systems builders, roofers, satellite dish installers. What they all share in common is the IE-Network model which enables a business system which generates income for them, _ increasingly. Does the IE-Network member who brings them into his/her network necessarily need to know about all these different fields? NO.

A diverse workplace environment

Now, lets suppose you applied for and accepted the $10/hr position as computer builder at XYZ, Inc., a computer manufacturer. As you enter the XYZ workplace facility you meet some of your new associates. You soon learn are immersed in a very diverse environment with housekeeping personnel, software engineers, mechanical engineers, materials handlers, boxers, shippers, forklift operators. These are just a few individuals you happen to greet, but you realize there are so many more. Are you or XYZ management troubled that you know nothing about software or shipping? NO. You both understand as long as you keep your focus on computer building your contribution to the XYZ operations will be much appreciated and valued.

Who compensates you

Aside of these interpersonal relationships I wonder how many people would know the president of XYZ. How many people can explain, while looking at their check stub, a complete breakdown of their pay; what is FICA, Medicare, etc.? That does not prevent them from receiving their paycheck or spending it. It's not a mystery.

A key difference between XYZ, Inc. and IE-Networks is how the individual is compensated. XYZ management will call you in once a year and you will be informed IF you will be rewarded with a pay raise. IE-Network members determine for themselves where, how fast and how much compensation they want to see their network generate for them. That, too, is a matter of focus you alone must determine and maintain. Like the XYZ employee, you may not know whose network you are a part, or every person who is coming into your network, but that doesn't keep you from receiving your compensation and enjoying it. It's not a mystery.

Stay focused, dear friends.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A System that Works for your Business

I've just discovered Robin Robins. I've been reading and listening to Robin Robins.

If you are a VAR or IT consultant who's being reading my blog I want to urge you to listen to her. She has an wealth of information on her website and through a free CD (which I ordered), also. Robin's got an unfaltering steady, perfect delivery that makes for easy (but definitely not lulling) listen.

Although I am neither a VAR nor IT I can see she has masterminded a system for these business enitities. Robin's Technology Marketing Toolkit System comes with a guarantee. You can't go wrong. I do not want to risk either overstating or mis-stating her claims. I refer you to her website.

I heartily concur with Robin on her unrelenting emphasis on the importance of having a system
for your business. That ought to ring familiar with you, dear readers, because the IE-Network model is a system that works for your business and that enables you, either VAR or IT, (as well as apparel makers) to replicate yourself or your business organization. The IE-Network model is founded on two corporate principles: Leveraging tax law and creating alliances.

The answer to the question between how much you make and how much you keep is
determined by how well you leverage tax law to your advantage. Although you do not need an alliance, or network, to leverage tax law effectively, it is the system you need to get into business for yourself, but not by yourself.

The IE-Network model is not just a social club, card-holder-hangout for members. IE-Networks generate income and bonuses for members once the system is created whether or not you, the network member, are at the office or on the beach. Those of you who have worked in manufacturing are familiar with ISO. It is the more common "acronym" for IOS; International Organization for Standardization. So, you see "ISO" is not an acronym, really. It is the Greek word meaning, "equal".

The reason network members understand and follow the development of their their business system with one another's success in mind is because the network makes them, "ISO", that is, "equal". Each network member determines for themselves how big, how quickly, where, how far and how much income their network produces for them. This concept of equality may be a buzz word in the corporate world, but the reality on the manufacturing floor is simply not there. As always, my point is not to tear down that traditional model. I do want to point out that is what many, or most, of us have accepted and continue to believe is the only way to provide for our families livelihood.

It's time individuals come together for their common prosperity. It's time to direct resources to those businesses, such as midmarket companies, who do not have the financial resources of bigger companies to battle issues which affect productivity. IC-Networks are the best system, the best tool to equalize all things for all concerned.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Apparel Jobs

This post begins a new feature. Check APPAREL JOBS for updates. Anybody, anywhere is welcome to post your job. It is free. There is no membership required. Just email your job or submit it as a comment to this post. WM

Posted: August 16, 2008

. . .from Christina:

Hi I have a purse and clothing line I am starting. My site is and is up and coming. I am looking for a pattern maker, manufacturer, etc. I am looking to start small with some samples. My e-mail is designsbygypsi@yahoo.comThanks!

Posted: June 13, 2008

I am launching a new athletic apparel company in the fall and need 2 new styles added to the line. I have just moved to austin and would like to work with someone here to make the patterns/samples, and who could help me find a factory to make about 2oo of each shirt. Our manufacturing is currently underway in Shanghai. Let me know if you are inerested.


Posted: May 22, 2008

I am in need of a seamstress or a tailor who can do sample pieces for men preferably in the round rock, austin, or san antonio area, I need them to be able to work quickly and effeciently, preferably capable of finishing pieces within a 3 week period. If there work is good then I will be commissioning them to work on my fall collection and will look to build a strong partnership with them long term, I greatly look foward to any help you maybe to provide me with. And thank you again. They may contact me here at or or may call me at 4046061008