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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dell partners with distributors

This announcement by Dell is exciting news for me personally. I reflects my an idea I posted on Dell blogs over the last two years proposing Dell step into the role of distributor of system components for sale to independent consultants and resellers. No, Dell has not quite stepped into that role, but, you guessed it; I have posted my comment on this annoucement on company blogs with some reminders. Basicly, I have proposed a cost-efficient, low-risk revenue generating idea for Dell and I believe at this time Dell may be more amenable to step into the opportune role of itself becoming a distributor. I am sharing with you the comment (the blue text) I posted to the company announcement.

It pleases me to see this great change in strategy by Dell for itself and what it means to its employment force. I am especially pleased because this strategy resembles my business model idea I posted on Ideastorm a while back complete with an expanded choice of product offerings.Dell, with this action, is one step closer and perhaps more amenable to step into the opportune role I proposed a while back, that of distributor. What could Dell do in the role of distributor? Allow, in the most cost-efficient, low-risk manner, a network of independent consultants, resellers who are able to do what major manufacturers have been unable to do: Reach the low-income consumer with generic products.

Dell receives online or call-in orders from consultants. These, technicians, engineers, hobbyists, students and others either out of social altruism or to generate revenue for themselves do not need pre-configured systems. They do just fine with system components boxed and shipped to them. The Dell labor cost clock stops the moment parts are boxed and sealed.

One last point in which I find much satisfaction is how Dell has addressed the warranty assignment issue with its newfound distributor partners. It is satisfying to me because I learned from Michael Dell one need not know how to solve a problem. You just need to get someone who knows how. While shipping system components to network consultants likely may raise anew the warranty issue, I am confident it too can be addressed satisfactorily for all. My best wishes for all at Dell.

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