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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Interview: City Jeans of Texas (Round Rock)

City Jeans of Texas (CJT)
Edda & Luis Rivera (owners)
105 South Mays Street
Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 255-6463

WM What is unique about City Jeans of Texas?

CJT I sell up to twenty (20) different lines of quality, high-dollar jeans off-price in all
price ranges.

CJT What are IC apparel networks?

WM Independent Contractor (IC) networks are groups of people with Knowledge,
Skills, and Experience (KSE) who create apparel in their homes locally, regionally,
and nationally.

CJT What can a network do for City Jeans of Texas?

WM A network can deliver product in numbers. It can meet a particular service request from
a retailer or consumer. It can bring customers in the door. It can generate income. A
network can create a City Jeans of Texas design with the CJT label.

CJT What are my obligations to a network?

WM Retailers are under no obligation to buy from a network or to acquire membership.

CJT Where would I meet ICs to create my apparel?

WM You could meet ICs in business meetings, workshops, fashion/dinner shows, word-of-
mouth and online.

CJT Why have I not heard of apparel networks?

WM There may be some apparel networks out there of which WM is not aware. These would probably work from the traditional employer/employee model and service major retailers. However, we don't believe there are any in existence with a direct model to service Independent Apparel Retailers in local, regional and national locations that can equal the WM model.

CJT Who are the people who make up apparel networks?

WM They are designers, fabric retailers, buyers, sewing machine retailers, sewing
instructors, apparel retailers, sellers, cutters, sewers, pattern makers and more.

CJT What is a direct model?

WM It is the ability to create apparel locally for apparel retailers or consumers without
a middleman. It dispenses with "one size fits none" mass produced apparel and
and allows for a "custom service" or "customer made" service at reasonable prices.

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