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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Computer ownership among Round Rock middle school children

Those of you who have browsed my blog or read my blog header know I have a dual track: One track is apparel independent consultants, the other is technical independent consultants.

I received this information from a knowledgeable school employee today concerning my project to create computer ownership among middle school children and a source of revencue for technical independent consultants. My question: What number/percentage of Round Rock middle school children do not own a home desktop/laptop computer? Here's his reply. Read my comments following his reply. gt

Unfortunately, I don't have access to that information.  However, we have
discussed a "Bring Your Own Device" project in the school district and have
estimated that 25-30% of the students may have access to personal
technology devices (i.e. notebook computers, netbooks, tablets,
smartphones, etc.) that could be used at school.  That number may vary by
geographical location within the district.  For example, I would expect the
percentage to be higher for Walsh MS than for Chisholm Train MS or C.D.
Fulkes MS.  I would also expect the percentage to be higher at high school
than at middle school and for middle school to be higher than for
elementary schools.

Given the high tech community that is represented by Round Rock ISD, I
would make at educated guess that approximately 80% of the students in
RRISD have access to technology in their homes.  In your question below,
however, you asked how many middle school students own a desktop/laptop
computer.  This implies that even if there is a computer in the house that
a student could use, do they have their own computer.  If this is truly
your question, then I think my estimate of 80% would drop considerably. 

I have shared this bit of information with two computer/parts vendors whom I keep in my information loop. The fact is children are at the top of the poverty list in America. Lets not mistake computer ownership or web access by the parents for a full, meaningful access by the child for his/her school work. Even a conservative figure of 20% computer ownership among children is non-acceptable in a high tech community like Round Rock. One can only imagine how much greater this number might be in other communities.

It is not likely that children in the 20% bracket would own a smartphone, notebook or other similar devices. Furthermore, these devices precisely because of their high mobility and their social and entertainment use are not likely to be used by children for school work at home.

As I have described to the two vendors my business model involving independent consultants can efficiently, effectively and profitably create computer ownership among children as well as generate revenues among independent consultants who build these systems.

Yes, we know a new complete computer system can be purchased for under $300. Really. The reality is that amount of disposable cash is not what in the pocketbooks of the 20%. However, a creative model which allows for these children to obtain a computer whether a desktop or laptop can make the difference.

Your comments are welcome.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

How to turn $6 into $100

Do you see opportunity in our current economy? I do. Furthermore, I want to show you specifically how you, an Apparel Consultant, can rise up in this economy.

The numbers in the Introduction to the article Behind the label: inequality in the Los Angeles apparel industry by Edna Bonacich, Richard P. Applebaum (2000) are a bit old. The principles and application are quite real and relevant. These numbers represent what I have maintained for the past ten years as not just a sob story of bitterness and unemployment, but of hope and opportunity for Apparel Consultants. I use the terms Apparel Consultant, Independent Consultant and Consultant to refer to the individual women and men who have the Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) to generate at-home revenue for themselves in apparel.

The article uses a simple breakdown involving the production and sale of a single dress for $100. You can read just the Introduction (The Return of the Sweatshop) for yourself. The short of the story is about the $100 revenue generated by a dress and the $6 which goes to the worker who made the dress.

How do you, an Apparel Consultant in the Round Rock/Austin central Texas area turn $6 into $100 in the Prom 2012 market?

First, I EMPHASIZE my use of the dollar figures from the article is strictly for the purpose of making an illustration. Second, the dollar figures from the article are for an apparel worker, an employee of a manufacturer. Nobody has any business dictating to an Independent Consultant his or her fee. Independent Consultants are not employees.

During 2011 I have been in contact with PTA and other Round Rock ISD school officials on behalf of Independent Consultants. What I have been proposing to these parties is a Prom Dress 2012 raffle. All, 100% of the proceeds of the raffle to would go to whoever conducts the raffle, either PTA or the school district. All interested students would have the chance to win a professional dress pattern purchased by the Independent Consultant. The Consultant's fee (which is set by the Consultant) would be posted publicly at the school campus for all students to know the cost before the drawing. The winner will purchase the fabric in the color of their choice, meet with the Consultant, agree on method of payment and delivery date of the dress.

It is this way that a person who would have earned $6 as a worker can turn those earnings into $100 ($150?, $200? $300?) or whatever he/she sets as their Consultant's fee.

If you live in the the Round Rock/Austin central Texas area and are interested you can call or email me. If you have a small group of interested individuals I can meet with you. There is no cost of any kind to you. Since I cover my expenses I must limit my travel close to home.
Spanish Craigslist ad:
English Craigslist ad:

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dress pattern maker wanted

I just received this call for help from Cecilia. We had a great visit. You can give her a call too. If you have the skills and talent for creating dress patterns call Cecilia. Cecilia has buyers in Mexico.

Cecilia habla espanol.

Hi, my name is Cecilia. I need your help to create the patterns for girls dresses, please call me at 512-633-7172, or email me:

Thank you

Gil Torres

Friday, June 10, 2011

Prom 2012

Every year I get an earlier start. This time I am getting a whole 1 year head start on Prom 2012.

I am looking for a core group of 10 talented, client-oriented women and/or men in Round Rock. If you possess the apparel skills of working from a prom dress pattern I would like to meet with you. I will present the custom Prom dress service to all five Round Rock high schools in early January immediately after the Christmas holiday break. If the number of interested responses, for example, in Austin, Georgetown and other towns is good the same can be done in those towns and school districts separately.

The plan is to raffle free dress patterns with the consultant contact information. The dress patterns are for $100, $150 dress, for example. These dress prices represent the consultant's fee. The consultants set their own fee. The schools will administer the raffle and keep all raffle funds. The students will purchase the fabric of their choice. (I want to approach JoAnn's in Round Rock to bring them on-board.) The winner of the dress pattern will meet the dressmaker with pattern and fabric. The consultant takes measurements and creates the dress. The girl picks up her dress. The consultant collects his/her fee. The entire fee belongs to the consultant.

Purchase of dress patterns (such as Simplicity, McCall's) is the responsibility of the consultants. I will deliver the patterns to the schools in January.

This is what is most important for me: 1) Bring together the core of 10 apparel consultants, 2) The consultants see the effectiveness and profitability of a local apparel network for themselves, and 3) The core group decides to move ahead with other apparel opportunities.

A place of meeting will be determined as the group forms. It may be in the FREE open air setting of a park. It may be a classroom in your church if you can arrange it.

Yo hablo espanol.

The YouTube link is the video I uploaded for Prom 2011. It does not cover a raffle, but the business model is the same.

I'll be expecting your call. (512) 218-4627
Send your email message with the following subject: Prom 2012

Saturday, February 05, 2011