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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A call for talented people - Se solicita


This is a message from my good friend, Carmen. She is, like some of you, extremely talented and exprienced in apparel production and design as well as alterations. Her call is no different than what I have been calling for and I support her. wm

* * *

To all talented people in the surroundings of Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown,etc. I am inviting u to get in touch with me at some point to talk about how we as seamstresses or crafters of any kind can make some money for ourselves.The way the economy is right now it is a shame to waste our talents we have and not put them to use. I have a plan for all of us. My name is Carmen and you all can reach me thru my e-mail or by phone 512.748.9560. Thank you for your attention to this matter

Para todas las personas que son talentosas en costura o manualidades de cualquier especie las invito a que se comuniquen conmigo. Como esta la economia podemos con nuestro talento hacer dinero. Tengo un plan para todas nosotras. Mi nombre es Carmen y se pueden comunicar a traves de mi correo electronico o llamarme al 512.748.9560. Gracias por su attencion a este llamado.

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