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Monday, September 29, 2008

The IC-TechNetwork

How does the IC-TechNetwork operate?

Individuals, including technicians, engineers, hobbyists, VARs and retailers post their information on IC-TechNetwork.
You either contact or are contacted by others on in the Network or outside the Network because of mutual interests.
Payment terms are agreed upon between consultant and client.
Submit your information to:

The IC-TechNetwork will take on life of its own.

Individuals will connect with VARs or small businesses to perform tasks well within their capabilities. Groups of consultants will find each other and network together to take on projects for clients.

Who are the people who need to look into the IC-TechNetwork?

Certainly, they are people who possess varying degrees of Knowledge, Skills and Experience in the tech world. They may be gainfully employed. They may be about to become unemployed. They may be unemployed.

1. Individuals who want something to fill in the gap while they look for something else they prefer to do.
2. Resellers/retailers who want to ramp up their sales/service accounts, but cannot afford or do not want to add employees to their payroll.
3. Individuals whose vast KSE intimidates prospective employers salary capabilities and ability to retain such highly qualified individuals.
4. Individuals with B1 visas who must fulfill US Embassy requirements of “gainful employment” for immigrants.
5. VARs who may not be able to hire highly skilled workers, but will work with consultants, eagerly.

What is the goal of IC-TechNetworks?

A launch date is out there in the vastness of Texas in Round Rock. Anyone who wishes to “upgrade” from their network will be able to do so through membership in the IC-TechNetwork. Nobody is required to do so. We are not government or union.

Why would you want to upgrade?

A truly, effective and dynamic network does two things:

1. It brings networkers into and keeps them in contact with friends and peers who share similar abilities and interests, and
2. It generates residual income for you.

Get posted, today!

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