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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Computers for kids Tech Volunteers

Attention: Computer Technicians, Engineers, Hobbyists

If you have ever wondered how you could possibly help put computers in the hands of children from low-income families you need not wonder any longer. If you are a technician, engineer, student, hobbyist or other person with the computer know-how and would like to donate your expertise contact Ken Starks.

Ken created his non-profit Helios Project with the specific purpose of making a difference in the academic lives of these young children by providing them free, no-cost computers. They are located in North Austin near Howard Lane and Interstate 35.

Ken's organization builds, delivers and installs anywhere from 3 to 15 computers a week to disadvantaged kids in the Central Texas area. They have also taken on a newly-opened community center in East Austiin as a project and are currently building them a complete learning center for the neighborhood kids.

There will be 16 fully-functioning computers there by the time they finish. Not only are they supplying the machines, they will be rotating class facilitators in every week to teach them the basics of computer and internet use. Tom King will be offering a class on beginning programming for those interested.

The team has the Linux Against Poverty Project they expect to launch in August and it is expected to be a big deal. Interested to get involved with this great work?

You may reach Ken at 512-739-9707.


Always, your computer hardware, as well as cash, donations are welcome.

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