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Friday, September 12, 2008

Discount designers

It seems every week we are exposed to some new effect of our struggling economy. Read this article on how high fashion designers are not above moving into the low-end discount market to increase sales. The most interesting thing to me is that in our economy, such as it is,
none of these designers think to ease up, slow down, or wait for better times.

Here’s what I take from the article for local independent apparel retailers determined to succeed and grow in this economy:

· Have you designed an affordable line?
· Are you reaching more people?
· Have you created any new partnerships?
· Do you have a source of new designers to provide you with fresh ideas and designs?

Take special note of the additional benefits these designers gained as a result of trying something new. Mizrahi found sales of high end fashion designs were revived quite unexpectantly.

None of the above suggestive questions involve anything extraordinary or expensive. They are all part of the IE-Network model which any two enterprises; at-home apparel contractor and local apparel retailer can partner together for their mutual gain.

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