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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Keeping hope

I am unemployed.
Look for December business presentation in Round Rock TX announcement in next few days.

But, hey!! Everybody!
Always keep hope alive. Expect great things.

I strongly believe the Independent Enterprise Network model is the best, most effective and efficient means for establishing, strengthening or developing local enterprise relationships between independents and retailer/resellers in computer and apparel sales.

Judging by the readership of this blog I can see the interest in states other than Texas. We know Americans are struggling throughout our nation and it is my earnest desire to expand IE-Networks nationwide as quickly as possible.

We have witnessed some extraordinary and unprecedented actions by our government in the business sector. Repeatedly, we have heard those actions were not about what was popular, likeable or party policy, but it was what needed to be done.

The IE-Network model is not nearly as grand or as top-heavy as would require government or big business involvement. It does represent an opportunity for those willing to explore other viable, legal, moral and ethical options for conducting business while building up their community at the same time.

Be of good cheer, all.


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