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Sunday, October 02, 2011

How to turn $6 into $100

Do you see opportunity in our current economy? I do. Furthermore, I want to show you specifically how you, an Apparel Consultant, can rise up in this economy.

The numbers in the Introduction to the article Behind the label: inequality in the Los Angeles apparel industry by Edna Bonacich, Richard P. Applebaum (2000) are a bit old. The principles and application are quite real and relevant. These numbers represent what I have maintained for the past ten years as not just a sob story of bitterness and unemployment, but of hope and opportunity for Apparel Consultants. I use the terms Apparel Consultant, Independent Consultant and Consultant to refer to the individual women and men who have the Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) to generate at-home revenue for themselves in apparel.

The article uses a simple breakdown involving the production and sale of a single dress for $100. You can read just the Introduction (The Return of the Sweatshop) for yourself. The short of the story is about the $100 revenue generated by a dress and the $6 which goes to the worker who made the dress.

How do you, an Apparel Consultant in the Round Rock/Austin central Texas area turn $6 into $100 in the Prom 2012 market?

First, I EMPHASIZE my use of the dollar figures from the article is strictly for the purpose of making an illustration. Second, the dollar figures from the article are for an apparel worker, an employee of a manufacturer. Nobody has any business dictating to an Independent Consultant his or her fee. Independent Consultants are not employees.

During 2011 I have been in contact with PTA and other Round Rock ISD school officials on behalf of Independent Consultants. What I have been proposing to these parties is a Prom Dress 2012 raffle. All, 100% of the proceeds of the raffle to would go to whoever conducts the raffle, either PTA or the school district. All interested students would have the chance to win a professional dress pattern purchased by the Independent Consultant. The Consultant's fee (which is set by the Consultant) would be posted publicly at the school campus for all students to know the cost before the drawing. The winner will purchase the fabric in the color of their choice, meet with the Consultant, agree on method of payment and delivery date of the dress.

It is this way that a person who would have earned $6 as a worker can turn those earnings into $100 ($150?, $200? $300?) or whatever he/she sets as their Consultant's fee.

If you live in the the Round Rock/Austin central Texas area and are interested you can call or email me. If you have a small group of interested individuals I can meet with you. There is no cost of any kind to you. Since I cover my expenses I must limit my travel close to home.
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