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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


The nine pointts below are taken from a small, aggressive apparel manufacturer's site. The claims, explanations and services are quite typical. They are not outlandish.

They could as well be made by a local Independent Designer Group (IDG) in Round Rock, region, state or in the USA. Most of these manufacturers, so called, independent contractors consist of a small employee workforce numbering from as few as 5 to as many as 16 or 20. This is the single biggest difference from the IDG which is the combined, collaborative effort of truly independent contractors/consultants.

1 Made in the U.S.A. quality and service.
2 Low production minimums.
3 Quick turn around times compared to international manufacturing.
4 Project management.
5 A phone call away from painless communication.
6 North American Customers, no need to pay duties, beauracracies, tariffs or high shipping costs.
7 U.S.A made products are popular all over the world. With the low dollar, your business has a competitive advantage of entering the higher end markets around the globe.
8 U.S.A. made products can be easily exported to NAFTA countries (Canada and Mexico).
9 Supporting American Jobs and industry.

Although IDG members are independent they are not immune or exempt to market demands. An IDG must deliver if it is to survive and thrive. Like any business entity an IDG will produce its own offspring of individuals who are either attractive to the IDGs clients or who simply go out on their own once they have seen their own capabilities and opportunties in the market.

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