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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Networking together

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The time for resolutions is upon us. Do you know yours?

If you failed on last year's resolution, so what! Reboot! Go at it, again.
This time, don't go at it alone. Independent Enterprise Networks allow you to work your own business yourself, but not alone. Here are just a few reasons you should network together with others.

1. Freedom to contract alone.
2. Freedom to contract together with others.
3. Generate income alone (1).
4. Generate revenue through own network (2).
5. Generate revenue on earned bonuses (3).
6. An ever increasing number of specialist consultants with whom to partner.
7. A growing diversity of consultant talent.
8. A local-to-nationwide network expansion capability.
9. Transact business with partners in or out of network.
10. No sales or productivity quotas.
11. Network consultants determine and set their own service provider fees.
12. Network reseller/retailers determine and set their own service recipient fees.
13. Network members are free to drive network expansion across industries.
14. Free online skills-posting for member and non-member consultants and reseller/retailers.
15. Networks enable members to create and market their own private label.
16. Network members attend monthly workshop of their choice according to their business development goals and objectives.
17. Network members brainstorm sessions produce business project opportunities.

Come to Round Rock, TX and see what IE-Networks hold for your future.

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