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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

KSE in a challenging economy

They are two people with whom I work. They do not know each other. They do know computer technology.

Despite neither one having traditional academic credentials they possess what I call KSE, the Knowledge, Skills and Experience people acquire and amass over their years of employment. Their KSE affords them a confidence and competence such as computer build, (and networking) diagnostics, repair and more.

Acquiring KSE

He immersed himself in every tutor and mentoring opportunity alongside engineers and technicians to acquire much of his technology know-how during his years as a Dell employee. She absorbed hers through her Electrical Englneer big brother. He, for his seeming amusement and her utter frustration, would dismantle her computer for her to reassemble and reconfigure. It was a few years before she would reflect and appreciate the gift he gave his litle sister.

Networking with buddies/working from home

It would not be difficult, he says, to connect with a couple of his tech buddies to take on some technology projects. Sound familiar? The problem, he explains, is finding the clientele to sustain their business enterprise. Sound familiar? She would love nothing better than to be able utilize her tech skills to supplement the family income from the comfort of their home with their children. Sound familiar?

Innovation in a challenging economy

Business technology needs versus family economic needs are not totally unrelated, folks. Aren't you amazed by some of the innovative sales ideas which have emerged with our challenging economy? Can you recall ever hearing a car dealer encourage people to buy a new car and the dealer would make the payments for a period of time if the buyer lost their job? Or, you can bring that car right back without any problems! Lets not foolishly assume there aren't conditions with these offers, but the point to note is the innovation of business to meet their sales demands while meeting the economic needs of the family.

The independent Enterprise Network model

The Independent Enterprise Network model is the meeting point between business technology needs and family economic needs. Any skepticism could be no less foolish than those who fail to understand the car dealer's offer. Whatever skepticism you have about the IE-Network may be affecting your profitabilty and ability to recruit consultants and take on technology projects. Something else about our challenging economy. Have you noticed how business turns to the small areas it had ignored or overlooked in the past? The whitebox/whitebook market remains an ignored, overlooked area of profit potential.

A good practice

Business owners rely on their shop, floor and store managers to make the best decisions to enhance and constantly build their profit margins. Are you sure they're not ingnoring or overlooking areas of profit potential riding out the economy while riding on the security of a paycheck from you? A good inventory audit practice is check your stock and your business management.

The IE-Network model brings together independent consultants and independent retailers/resellers in areas including computer technology, apparel and more.

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