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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Another look at the social contract

There are those who define as a social contract the agreement between citizens and their government. According to definition long ago people made the choice to give up individual personal freedom in exchange for the greater, mutual benefit of all. Then, they setup government to keep peace and order. I wonder when it happened that we also took that same social contract and applied it to the employer/employee relationship.

A social contract is not a written document. It is a willful binding of two by mutual agreement for their mutual benefit.

I believe whether you are talking about government or employers the agreement is a mutual one. We may not like it, but it is one we have accepted. It is not forced on anyone. Everyone has an opportunity to work to change it. Everyone has a right to leave it. No one individual has the right to tear down either government or social contract. Yes, there is room for improvement. There are other options besides the traditional, conventional, employer/employee model.

The Independent Enterprise Network model (IE-Network) provides another look at the social contract. There’s nothing to protest or teardown. It’s people who choose to build something of their own for themselves, but not by themselves. Although they may hear their own fears and the doubts from friends and family they do not listen. They move forward.

Before you think about changing your social contract and moving forward here are some things to keep in mind.

· The US government recognizes the right of the individual to act on their own behalf and earn his/her livelihood as an independent contractor.

· The low-cost, low-risk nature of contracting allows the individual to invest their time and energy into his/her service and product cautiously and solidly.

· The IE-Network model social contract is strengthened by the human qualities of creativity, warmth and sharing.

· The IE-Network model, unlike other network marketing businesses, elevates the designer and his/her creativity.

· Networkers partner with retailer/resellers who choose the networker’s products and services for their customers.

· The IE-Network model, unlike the employer’s limited wages, generates constant and increasing income for network members.

Quite often I find people who want to tell me about a friend. Usually, it’s a friend with immense talent and experience. In some instances, they have a great deal of equipment. They have all the resources and desire to give expression to their creative power.

There are, on the other hand, retailers. You and I have seen them come and then they are gone. They are no different than those anonymous friends I’ve mentioned. They have a vision to target a clientele no one else reaches.

The curious thing is, without fail, every time they each learn about the IE-Network model they become excited about the possibilities for realizing their dream. However, nothing changes.

Here’s another definition you’ve probably heard: Insanity is doing the same over and over and expecting different results.


Note: Like some of you, I am an employee. I have been facing the prospect of unemployment. The (mild) chaos that creates in terms of losing/gaining ground toward launching my business (example: loss of conference facility) does not diminish my resolve. Yes, your thoughts and prayers are welcome. gt

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