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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A lasting story

This Christmas my hope is you are able to draw deep from Christmases past and reflect on what this time means for you. Whatever it has meant for you, whether faith, hope or love of God, friends or family; all these are present for you at all times, not just a particular time of the year.

While I can understand it may not hold meaning for some other than a time together with family and exchanging of gifts that in itself is a story which will be passed down through your family. That in itself is a powerful story of togetherness as preferred to aloneness.

I remember a few years ago when I would teach a unit on each holiday as it came up hoping to enlighten my fifth grade class kids. I thought I wanted them to understand a bit more than it being a day off from school or in later years a day off from work and picnics at the park. My fellow teachers were aghast that I was teaching the “r” subject to which I replied I was no more teaching religion than I was teaching segregation when we covered the 1960s civil rights movement. My declaration to the kids was: I am not asking if you believe it. I am not telling you to believe. I am telling you what is found in libraries throughout the world in places where the story about a baby named Jesus grew up to be crucified and resurrected to be declared the Son of God is not believed at alone, but it is preserved and taught as history as a lasting story.

When you exhange presents with your family remember:

There’s no time like the present. There’s no present like time.

Merry Christmas!!

Happy Hannukah!!

Happy Kwanza!!

Feliz Navidad!!
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