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Friday, March 27, 2009

IE-Networks and H-1B foreign and American workers

What makes an IE-Network an appealing option for small business?

Unemployed H-1B visa foreign workers

Uemployed American workers

Employed foreign H-1B visa workers

The combined talent, diversity, experience, and resourcefulness of these in a team driven by a mutual desire not only to survive, but to thrive in our present economy. The requirements and performance for delivery of customer satisfaction is the same as when they deliver it as employees. Now, as IE-Networkers, they are committed to the utmost in customer satisfaction as consultants, each one contributing to the efficienct, effective, economic and profitable succes of the network.

Who said these same individuals can't partner together merely because they are not employees? The wonderful dynamics at play between network members is akin to what we all do every day. We drive down the streets and highways alongside people we do not trusting everyone will do their part to ensure we arrive at our intended destination safely. Does that transportation system ever fail? Yes, but accidents are the rare exception and not the rule. Is it possible a network can encounter an accident in its team operation or delivery? Yes. When it happens it's the employer or the police who will step in and fix it. It's the business expectation and need of network entrepreneurs to make things right and continue.

Who said small business would never listen to a group of highly talented and skilled consultants capable and willing to deliver their services? Although in a down economy companies lay off workers it's also a time when many of them will retool, realign and upgrade. Most small, even mid-size companies, consider technical support far out of their economic reach. A network would enable them to tap into the best in IT talent.

IE-Networks generate revenues for members in increasing forms through 1) personal income from individual projects, 2) residual income consisting of percentages received from the networker's organization and paid out to them by TSR, Inc., and 3) bonuses paid out to the networker as their organization revenues for TSR, Inc hit predetermined amounts resulting in increasing, regular bonuses. Small business owners, too, have the same opportunity as consultants to obtain network membership and generate revenues for themselves.

All networker members, whether individual consultants or small businesses are free to conduct business wherever and whomever they choose provided TSR, Inc is authorized to conduct business in that state. Presently, TSR, Inc plans are to launch from Round Rock Texas and proceed from a local, to regional, to state to nationwide networks.

Lastly, I believe IE-Networks are the best, most effective grassroots means of taking hold of many things which have gotten away from the American worker to the hurt of his family and country. There's no need to engage in bitter, vile exchanges against this group or that group, but do what you know you can do and must do to strengthen yourself economically whether you are an H-1B foreign worker, or an American worker affected by H-1B foreign workers facing deportation or unemployment, respectively.

You can read through some of the articles in this blog or view the recent YouTube videos. Both sources explain the IE-Network business model for consultants and retailers, resellers or small business. If you've never thought of developing a network as a source of revenue it's time you look into it and do it.

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