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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prom . . . Every Year

Every year I meet people with their story of great, exceptional talent without the means or the know-how to convert that talent into revenue.

Every year Prom comes around at the local high school.

Every year girls scramble to find the perfect prom dress. Most likely they end up settling for something less than perfect either in terms of fabric, style, color, size, fit or cost.

Every year, at least for the past three years, I have called the same talented people to come together as a independent network of designers to provide a needed service for these seasonal clients, and _ create income for themselves and their families.

Every year the apparel industry offers these young ladies the standard one-size-fits-none off-the-rack dresses.

Every year, for the past several years, the industry has continued to its doors on the creative talent of apparel makers who are now employed at McDonald's, Walmart or 7Eleven.

Every year there are young ladies who opt for the $100 Prom Dress specials who then spend an additional $60 for alterations.

Lets suppose mom and daughter shop for and buy fabric and pattern. Lets say they spent $40. They contact you through word-of-mouth or the IE-Network and retain your services. You settle for the agreed service fee of $10, 30, 60 or $80? Your fee is yours and nobody else's business.

If mom and daughter spent $120 dollars for a dress to their personal satisfaction in terms of fabric, style, color, size, fit and cost with your personal service I would say that is a mutually satisfying and profitable relationship for all.

Now, the only question is how many clients are you willing to take on to deliver total customer satisfaction. Although school district adiministrations and individual campuses are not likely to (Yes, I have tried) allow the exposure of students to a community member nonetheless there are eager, willing entreprenuers on campus who would not miss out on the opportunity to collect Prom Dress orders on campus and deliver to you for a fee.

Every year is now. This is your call to get ready. Will you do it or miss out again?

Consider this Prom pre-season. The Prom door will open soon. Will you be ready? You as an individual or a network member can easily deliver orders on-demand for specialty and other apparel retailers in Round Rock and Austin. Folks! The IE-Network model goes from its local Round Rock origins to regional, to state to nationwide. Why are you still waiting to call on me to come speak to your group?

You need to get your name and information on the PROM-DRESS NETWORK. Make it happen . . . every year.

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