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Saturday, February 14, 2009

YouTube videos

Dear friends, I appreciate your long patience with me while you waited on these YouTube videos.

Here they are, at last.

I expect I will redo these videos. It's no fun talking to a camera in a small room. I much prefer the live stage. Also, it doesn't help when you're shooting in a reserved room in the library. ssshhhh!!!

I not only had to wade through a self-taught crash course on video making, editing, uploading and all that business, but I had to make a clear presentation. Actually, I do have a friend who provided some great assistance. I admit it is not as pure (no fault of my friend) as I would like, but I am not going to keep any perfectionism (which I am not!) from posting the videos.

I intend to breakdown the whole business presentation into short videos. I would not subject your eyes to a long painful ordeal. Believe me, I am shooting for a two-minute video as ideal.


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