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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Increasing Value of KSE

I have often stated I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet. Certainly, I am not an economist or the son of an economist. The point is that while I may be neither I, like anyone, can state my piece. As I see it, we have heard too many instances of voices who cried out warnings only to be ignored. After 911 we learned of individuals who cried out about some unusual and suspicious activities prior to that day of infamy only to be ignored. A few lone voices cried out about the extremely fiscally risky and dangerous activities in our banks and Wall Street and they too were ignored. As a result catastrophic events unfolded which cost many lives and ruined other people's financial future. People lost much or all of their savings. Whatever savings remained diminished in value considerably.

I'm sure there are actually people who stuff their money in mattresses and pillows rather than trust the banks. The sad thing about that is that while they may not lose their money their money can lose its value.

There are a few things which 1) can not be taken from the individual, 2) do not lose their value regardless of the economy, and 3) may even increase in value. Most recently, I have described this personal wealth as your intellectual property. I know that's a term usually found in the technology world. However, the Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) you have acquired and amassed over the years are your personal wealth, your intellectual property and is one of those few things mentioned above.

KSE is what employees acquire and develop and which enables them to do a job for their employer and to do it progressively better, more efficiently and more economically which produces greater profits for the employer. Some people never realize, never assess, their personal wealth. They never think how they can invest it for their own gain. Some who think they would like to use or invest their KSE for their own gain do not know how. Still others who do use their KSE are rarely ever able to do more than have a job of their own. Finally, others attempt only to fail and return to the regular job.

I have been crying out for the past several years the virtues and good economic sense of Independent Enterprise Networks as the perfect means for you to invest your KSE in the development of your own enterprise.
Have you been listening?

Even while you remain unemployed your KSE remains in your possession. It was not lost with your job. Your KSE has not lost value. On the contrary, it continues to increase in value because some of the same employers and small businesses who could no longer afford to keep you on payroll would gladly buy your services as an independent Constractor/Consultant, not an employee. Employees on payroll represent a drain on companies, a liability risk and a need to provide steady hours of work for them.

The IE-Network model has its local roots, but can quickly expand to regional than statewide than interstate business. You, if you wish, need never leave the comfort of your local stomping grounds. A local group of individuals who bring together their wealth resources, that is, their KSE for investment in the IE-Network, represent an attractive option for employers and businesses eager to seize the opportunity to move forward.

Opportunity is knocking at your door. Answer it.
Invest the increasing value of your wealth resources.

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