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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Size

Have you seen the commercial where the viewer is asked to guess the number the man is thinking about: It is his credit score.

Yet, despite their wide use we resent being treated as a number. It is impersonal. It is de-humanizing.

Everyday, somewhere apparel customers shop through store racks in search of that one apparel item they hope will reflect their

personal likes in fabric, design, color, price, and that most important, personal number: Size, nobody's business, right?

Have you heard the consumer cynicism of manufactured apparel captured in the phrase: "One size fits none"?

Size is not just a number. It is a number reflecting an individual's personal information.

Computer buyers can have their custom-made computer manufacturered right in Round Rock.

Apparel customers deserve no less than "My Size" custom-made apparel at competitive prices.

"My Size" is a promise made possible through contractor - retailer apparel networks, only.

Nobody need ever again guess your number size. Nobody ever again needs to know it.

So, what does your apparel network look like?

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