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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The PROM DRESS NETWORK was created in February 2007 in Round Rock Texas. The PDN allows customers to view an information list of designers with name, phone number and location. Customers select a designer, call to consult on designer's availability and discuss fabric, style, price and terms of payment. Designers in the PDN pay no network membership fees.

Theoretically, designers anywhere in the country can participate in the PDN. An early suggestion to limit designer participation designer participation to Round Rock, Austin and central Texas was well-intentioned, but not necessary. Therefore, effective immediately designer participation in the PDN is unlimited.

Designers anywhere in the US, from Alaska to Florida and Maine to Hawaii can have their information posted on the Working Mannequin blog PROM DRESS NETWORK link. The PROM DRESS NETWORK at-home entrepreneurial model allows individuals with the Knowledge, Skills and Experience to produce apparel for their private clientele. These are moms and daughters who search and shop for all things perfect in a prom dress. Sky-high prices are lost in the emotional pitch of the short season and the young consumer's likes. Local designers in the PDN, whether in El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, Boise Idaho or Tallahassee Florida, can manage price better for the select consumer without the overhead expense of a conventional retailer.

Why is designer participation in the PDN free of cost?

The PDN at-home model is an innovative model. It is important as many different individuals in as many different locations tryout and test the practicality, potential and the immediate profits of the PDN model for themselves. Designers keep profits earnings entirely.

If you decide you would like to participate in the PDN, today; email your information. Then, watch the PDN link for the addition of your information.

Si gusta, favor de enviar su mensaje en espanol y le atenderemos.

"Nets work. . .spread the word"

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