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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A few years ago when I started out in pursuit of those whom I thought could benefit the most from my business model, I thought of the non-to-low skilled worker in apparel.

I did not like that designation, because while that is an oft used description by the government I thought it is not true. Those apparel workers who have lost and continue to lose their employment in the apparel industry are not non-to-low skilled.

Apparel workers, as well as their at-home cousins, have a wealth of resources. Namely, they possess KSE, the Knowledge, Skills and Experience required in the apparel industry. These are the same resources which employers have mined a treasure for themselves, and, their bank accounts. I commend those employers for their resourcefulness which has also provided employment for many.

Knowledge may be what was acquired from class, textbook or word of mouth. Skills is that hands-on ability which one picks up and masters after much repetition. Experience is the combination of Knowledge and Skills over a period of time such that one has developed a pretty complete familiarity with a great deal of the apparel industry process whether in manufacturing or retail.

However, these same workers and their cousins, estimated by the Home Sewing Association at over 40 million who possess sewing skills, have acquired, developed and retained their resources regardless of the industry where they currently make their employ.

Working Mannequin is committed to interested parties in apparel whether Independent Contractors (IC) or Apparel Retailers (AR). Working Mannequin is presenting our business model FREE for ICs and ARs, alike. The techniques and methodologies of the manufacturing floor remain with apparel skilled workers. Those same techniques and methodologies can be emulated off the floor on a smaller, private scale for personal profit by both parties alike.

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