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Monday, March 24, 2008

Cedar Park TX freelance pattern maker

If you are interested in contacting Stephanie reply with a comment to this post. wm

My name is Stephanie Merzon and I am a freelance pattern maker. I work out of my home in Cedar Park. I have been living in the Austin area for 6 years and have built up a small business providing patterns for many local designers who produce clothing of about every type you could imagine. I have had over 40 years of experience. I am always interested in working with new designer and would appreciate being put in contact with them.
Thank you.
Stephanie Merzon


Lee Hughes said...

I am launching a new athletic apparel company in the fall and need 2 new styles added to the line. I have just moved to austin and would like to work with someone here to make the patterns/samples, and who could help me find a factory to make about 2oo of each shirt. Our manufacturing is currently underway in Shanghai. Let me know if you are inerested.

Working Mannequin said...


I commend you on your plans to launch your athletic wear company.

Are you looking for a factory in the US? Personally, I do not know of one, but I know some of the independent contractors and retailers in my distribution list would probably have information. They can reply to this post.

I do know a number of those once-upon-a-time employed by those factories, particularly in Texas, are still here though their jobs may be overseas. This, Lee, is the core of the Independent Enterprise Network model: The former employees whose Knowledge,
Skills and Experience produced company apparel are themselves able to produce the same as at-home apparel makers.

A local network can fulfill apparel orders for retailers thus eliminating inventory stockpiling.

The past two weeks I have continued to drive for a response from local soccer organizations. My proposal: Local IE-Networks can design and create player uniforms at a savings for the organization, their scholarship programs and parents paying out of pocket. Given the rising costs of goods in our country one can expect soccer uniforms will not escape price hikes.

This is an opportunity. Whether it were a company such as yours resourcing the local networkers or the local networkers themselves
coming together, as independent contractors each one, the production of uniforms by a local network is a win for all.

emily said...

I am really interested in getting your help. I am a student at UT and a fashion major but i dont like to sew. I am going to open my own couture wedding shop in houston when i graduate but right now i want to get started with something small. So i am looking to get a cocktail dress made and i need a pattern done also. If you could help me that would great i have already designed it and picked out my material. My email address is please email me if you are interested. thanks so much for your time.

Suzanna said...

i am starting a clothing line and would love to be put in touch with Stephanie Merzon. here's my email:
thanks so much,

Christina said...

Hi I have a purse and clothing line I am starting. My site is and is up and coming. I am looking for a pattern maker, manufacturer, etc. I am looking to start small with some samples. My e-mail is

Gil said...

I have posted your message under "Apparel Jobs" as well as email to my "Apparel" DL. I will be adding you to my DL.
I will check with you in a few days. Great website!



Anonymous said...

I also am starting a clothing line, mainly jeans. I have no clue where to start. I have my sketches I have been working on, no where near perfect, but they get the point across. I have no clue where to find a pattern maker with virtually no money. I need help.

Working Mannequin said...

I'm willing to help, but I have no name, email or phone number I can pass on to my distribution list recipients.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Cecilia. I need your help to create the patterns for girls dresses, please call me at 512-633-7172, or email me:

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi I need a pattern maker asap!

Anonymous said...

I have a clothing desgin business and need a pattern maker. Call me at 432 254 2413 email is Ask for Carol

nicoolio said...

Hi all,

I have a small children's clothing company here in Austin. There are definitely people willing to manufacture here in Texas! I've been using White Star Manufacturing in Del Valle since November, and am aware of another in Dallas called InStyle Exchange. White Star is more lax on their procedure, while InStyle is a company that focuses on a stricter regimen for serious wholesalers. As in, if you want to use their services, they do it all from scratch and will not work on items from a line that have already been worked on, i.e. patterns from a third party pattern maker. They seem fantastic (haven't worked with them before, but did tour their facility). They insist on doing lines from scratch, and I think their system seems to really work well. For basic local production, I recommend White Star, and they can refer you to a cutter here in town. Hope this is helpful!

yishay pi said...

Hi All,

Clearly this post was years ago, but I just wanted to reach out to whoever can help out. We are launching a Male underwear line and we've been in contact with a few companies through maker's row however, we are having some difficulty looking for anyone who can help us with Pattern and sampling for Male underwear.

If anyone knows of anyone, ideally in Texas who can help us. Email is: