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Monday, March 31, 2008



The 318 Student Ministry will host a


benefiting GREENSBURG MISSION 2008

June 21

Cost: $5.00

This blog was created to post information articles. The majority are on the IC-Network business model, others on faith related matters. A few have been requests on behalf of people who have asked for my help in finding pattern makers, seamstresses and others.

This post is a request for your help.

It is not for myself.

It is for the Greensburg Mission 2008 work to be carried out through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, July 20 -27. The 318 Student Ministry with its corp of middle thru high school students will travel to tornado-ravaged Greensburg Kansas later this summer to work.

The entire project is the decision and response to the call to ministry by the students under the leadership of their peers. Elijah Godfrey will travel to Greensburg to lead and support the ministry group. The project includes a multitude of different tasks such as cleanup, building, decorating and encouraging the families of Greensburg Kansas.

How and by what means you may choose to support the 318 Student Ministry with their expenses is for you to purpose in your heart, prayerfully.

Your may direct your response to:

Round Rock Church of Christ
1200 N. Georgetown Street
Round Rock, TX 78664

I will accept any questions you may have about this mission.

Thank you in advance for your time and support of the 318 Student Ministry.

The Lord bless you.

Best regards,


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