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Friday, February 29, 2008


It is a modest beginning, but, at last, you can go to PROM DRESS NETWORK., select your Prom Dress designer and call for a consultation. As a father of three daughters, I empathize with moms and daughters when it comes to finding the right Prom Dress.

As one designer pointed out a Prom Dress can (maybe) be found for a $100. A real bargain. However, by the time alterations are done the bargain has mutated into a $160 deal, or should I say, ordeal. Even then, what is the likelihood the buyer is satisfied with these important points: style, color, fit, fabric and price.

A Prom Dress Network allows moms and daughters the opportunity to consult with a local designer. Local in this sense is Round Rock / Austin area. The designer can take measurements as well as advise on fabric choices, which I understand some fabrics require a level of handling skill not anyone can perform. That is something you can clarify with a designer before you go and make a pricey fabric purchase.

Finally, this is an invitation to all skilled, designers interested in providing a valueable service for moms and daughters in their Prom Dress purchase. You do not pay any fees. The only money exchange is between designer and client.

Email me if you would like to be added to the Prom Dress Network at:

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