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Friday, December 07, 2007

Independent Enterprise Networks

I am amazed by the spirit of enterprise with which some people launch into their passion. People without abilities many of us possess have done far more. Some either were born without eyesight or lost it, but that did not deter them from realizing their dream. Others without the ability to read launched businesses which provided a livelihood for others. Still, others without all their limbs have been unimpeded in their determined spirit to realize their dream.
Truly, it's not what you possess, but how you use it to accomplish your desired goals.
It's not quite an accomplishment when I come to the realization of a mere matter of word choice. I refer to my use of "independent contractor" when speaking and writng on networks and the decision to replace it. The more accurate word choice is "Independent Enterprise Networks" (IE-Networks) as these networkers include contractors and retailers.
Independent Enterprise Networks can extend into a large and assorted variety of fields and industries. Although the initial focus of IE-Networks in these blogs has been at-home apparel and computer enterprises the business model will extend into:
Floor maintenance
Satellite dish installation
Automotive repair
Air conditioning installation/repair
People, whether in Texas or the US who make their livelhood ("have a job") as employees or possess the Knowledge, Skills and Experience may continue to do so. However, they can choose to build their own at-home enterprise AND network. A stand-alone enterprise is "owning a job". Independent Enterprise Networks are systems which grow and generate income for the networker whether or not he/she comes into the shop, today.

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