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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The benefits of a personal Independent Contractor Network

What do you say when your place of employment shuts down?
What do you say when your job is exported overseas?
What is your answer to a payraise which does not reflect fuel, food, rent costs?
How do you feel when your company CEO's salary numbers in the millions?

What Working Mannequin has heard and observed from people affected by these questions is that too many people just accept it all. Others take on a bitter view of the situation. These may choose to take action either by withdrawing, taking on another job, launching their sideline business. Still, others increase their "investment" in the lottery.

The consequences of the above questions affect us in very real ways: emotionally, physically, spiritually and economically. They affect our children, too.

Note the placement of "economically" as last in the list. Everyone of us can vote and cheer for an individual or a political party, but none of these can take the place of a personal resposibility on our part to change our emotional, physical, spiritual and economic situation.

As long as we look either to continue to delude ourselves with the "security" of a job or deceive ourselves that "being my own man/woman" will alter our family's livelihood, not much of any substance will really happen.

Working Mannequin is commited to calling individuals to create their own Independent Contractor Network in apparel. If you possess the Knowledge, Skills and Experience (see KSE post) why would you continue to belittle that treasure as a means to alter your family's life?

Among the benefits of a personal Independent Contractor Network (ICN) are the following:

  • You use what you've all ready got: Your KSE
  • You create apparel, not as an employee, but as an IC.
  • You can, like corporations, leverage tax law to your advantage
  • You choose, draw and select others with like skills and passions for your own projects
  • You determine what apparel items you wish to create
  • You set your own pace
  • You control your own quality
  • You decide whether to create your own or another IC's designs
  • You determine which Apparel Retailers make up your business circle
  • You determine if you want to grow your network
  • You create the time for your family
  • You determine how, where and how rapidly you grow your network
  • You determine the price of your work
  • You set your economic goals in terms of revenue you want to create for your family
  • You determine whether workshop investments are right for your business
  • You choose to take action, not just talk or act out in bitterness

Networks bring you into an association with others. A network is not a guarantee of the people who are its makeup, but you share common goals, desires which speak to each others emotional, physical, spiritual and economic pursuits. You can determine what you will do for yourself, but not by yourself; that is, you are not alone.

Working Mannequin has a vision to show people the benefits of a personal Independent Contractor Network for themselves. We begin with apparel, but their are other fields which lend themselves very well to independent contracting. Look for future Working Mannequin business presentations on our blog.

We welcome your reply to all our posts.

Thank you and may the God of Heaven and Earth enlighten and bless you and yours. WM

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