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Sunday, December 23, 2007

You Who Are Spiritual

Whether in sports, business or home, the pursuit or development of one's spirituality can be second to nothing. At the same time the pursuit of spirituality cannot be an excuse for everything else in our lives running into ruin.

Spirituality is not the domain of "holy men" or recluses. It is neither vague, mystical nor unattainable. It is what enables one to navigate self as well as offer and give guidance to others in life neither one of which a "holy man" or recluse can do in their isolation and detachness from life.

It is not something to claim or boast of self. Its best claim is when it is heard as the testimony given by others of a spiritual person.

Jesus demonstrated the marks, that is, the characteristics of a spiritual.

The link opens to a little bit more as to what constitutes a spiritual.

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