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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Star certification for independent contractors

What's the advantage of Star Certification for independent contractors?

There are two groups in the private business sector which are the focus of the TSR IE-Network model. They are the individual, private, independent enterprises (IE) of contractors and retailers. Although the primary focus is on at-home apparel makers and computer systems makers the model will extend into other areas to include; automotive, AC installation/repair, cable installation, housecleaning, roofing, satellite dish installation and more. These two sectors, independent contractors and independent retailers, are represented in large numbers throughout America. Despite the great amount and diversity of talent they are often unable to establish and grow their enterprises.

Star certification could make the difference. A Star Certification program for IE-Network members is under development and is expected to be completed by launch of the IE-Network model in Round Rock Texas. Star Certification is a means of reassuring the IC’s private clients, consumers and the IC’s retailer for whom he/she fulfills apparel orders. Overall, Star Certification establishes a standard on par with any other in the market. It is an invitation to the general public to place their trust for quality workmanship and service on independent contractors and independent retailers. The IC can display his/her Star Certification for customers. Customers can view rank (3 star, 2 star and 1 star) and grade level details of the IC's profile for their specific talents as well as customer testimonies.

The Star Certification is structured with 3 ranks and 6 grade levels. These are some of its elements:
· Verification of number of service calls performed within a specified timeframe.
· Verification of service fees associated with those service calls for purposes of determining IC grade level. (For example: Under $50 in a 1 year timeframe would classify as a One Star rank, A4 - A6 grade level; Over $1500 in a 2 year timeframe; Three Star rank, A1 grade level.)
· Verification of experience.
· Verification of education.

The Star Certification will be available for an affordable as yet to-be-determined fee. The program will be conducted through an independent accounting firm. TSR is committed to supporting independent contractors and retailers in the establishment and development of their enterprises through the creation of IE-Networks.

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