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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Private label

It is heartening and exciting to meet others of like mind. Malissa Long is one such person. I clicked my heels in midair (well, alright! It’s a metaphor. . . but I can do it) when I learned of her decision to offer private label collections to boutiques in Austin. Among the boutiques: Girl Next Door, Adelante, Blackmail, Soigne, Envie, and by George. I do not know of the boutique owners' decision.

I often broach the subject of private label when I meet independent apparel retailers. Three
things come out, typically:

They have thought about it, but it’s too expensive,
They have thought about it, but do not know how to go about it, and,
They have never thought about it.

Malissa is typical of the vast number of individuals talented in apparel in Texas, Virginia, Oregon, Florida, California, Matamoros Mexico. I mention these locations because these are just a few of the places from where this blog receives returning visits. Clearly, people are curious. They want to know how they can utilize and benefit from their KSE as independent contractors in apparel. Malissa is talented in the creation of patterns and is well prepared to tackle the challenges boutique owners see in private label:

They are hard to produce.
They are costly.
The time involved is too much.

Malissa is not reinventing anything. She is merely accessing free open source patterns that are
out there for anyone to use. She will work with clients on any adjustments, alterations to
produce the owner’s desired wishes. Contact Malissa if you're ready to try out your own private label. That sounds like an Olympic Gold idea!

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