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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lining up to buy fabric from Mexico

They are lining up to buy fabric following the news release by the USTR.

The doors have just opened wide . . . for Central America.

Actually, the international conference call on July 2 by US Trade Representative Scott Quesenberry was to reassure all parties Mexico denim fabric exports to CAFTA member Guatemala will start on August 15. The savings for factory owners range from 30 to 40 percent over US-bought fabric in the past. Of course, as we know there is no longer a textile industry in America to produce the fabric for which apparel producing countries have been starving. Apparel produced in these CAFTA countries using Mexico fabric is than imported into the US duty-free, without quotas, and, _ very cheap.

This raises some questions in my mind. I submitted my question concerning ICs in Texas to the USTR on August 08 and will share their response as soon as I receive it. My question: Is this duty/quota-free denim fabric available to ICs in Texas?

Do fabric retailers, such as Hancock and Jo-Ann have an interest or plan to procure Mexico denim fabric for their customers?
If the cost-savings are so appealing for factory owners are they any less for ICs?
What if a local IE-Network of at-home apparel makers approached the store management to make known their wishes for this fabric?

Actually, this may be an opportunity best seized by an independent Mexico entrepreneur.

What if this fabrics vendor turned right around to place, pickup and purchase custom apparel orders from IC-Networks in Texas for his/her clientele in US or Mexico? Any international import/export issues would be his business to handle, not that of independent contractors.

What if your private label caught the vendor's eye? Are you ready to meet the buyer’s requests?

FYI: Powerpoint business presentation to be announced August 11 on this blog.

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