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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Grow your business on a weak US dollar

Profits from export sales are up for US corporations like Microsoft, McDonald’s and California wine makers who are taking full advantage of the weak US dollar.

A weak US dollar could present a mutual opportunity for at-home custom-apparel Independent Enterprises (IE) and Mexico (or, US) Specialty buyers.

A weak or slow economy is often seen as being bad for business and not a time for taking a risk. However, you can grow your business on a weak US dollar, too. Specialty products and services often take a back row to the company’s core business until the economy recovers. However, Independent Enterprises and buyers need not rely on high volume to sustain and grow their business even during a down economy.

Because both are among the smallest business units, compared with major manufacturers and mega-chain store retailers, they are best able to change into a surge mode the moment the economy rebounds. While many downsize their operations into a “survive the slump” mode these Independent Enterprises, because they are already “downsized”, don’t need to think or act small. They are forward and progressive thinking about opportunity. Some incoming revenue is better than not at all, but perhaps more important, parties involved are setting themselves to be ready for the economy re-surge.

What could make a partnership between an IE-Network and a custom-apparel Mexico Specialty buyer attractive and grow your business on a weak US dollar?

1. Individual attention to buyer’s client preferences.
2. Network can be as big or as small as buyer wishes.
3. Diversity of talent.
4. Potential of ever expanding IE-Network base.
5. No contracts or commitments to buy.
6. Networks and buyers, alike, are mobile.

IE-Networks can sell their “Made In USA” label, proudly and confidently. Specialty buyers can give IE-Networkers assurance of prompt payment-for-services through the setup of a Commercial Credit transaction account with a bank in the Network’s area. Even better, set it up online for electronic quickness.

I can imagine you’ve got questions. I do not have all the answers, but _ we can talk.

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