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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Network marketing scams

The red text in this post is taken from the last paragraph at this link. The comments which follow the red text are mine. I have provided two additional links. None of these are presented here as alerts, condemnations or endorsements by or of WorkingMannequin or the at-home IC-Network model. Rather, they are for you, reader, to make a comparison of the at-home IC-Network model (known as IE-Networks, also) and networking marketing businesses in general with the benefit of the information provided by these resources.

I can state unequivocably and confidently, the IC-Network is a solid, legitimate Independent Enterprise business model. True, because TSR, Inc. is neither registered nor conducting business it will not appear in these network marketing watchdog sites. However, given the general lack of understanding of network marketing I can well anticipate the knee jerk reaction by some to cast it in the mold of a scam. This blog has been dedicated to informing and enlightening readers to the nature and function of the IC-Network model. You are encouraged to review the FAQ link on this blog. WM

With network marketing,

there are no big capital requirements,

IC-Network membership cost is an average of 10 dollars a month or $120/year.

no geographical limitations,

IC-Networks are local, regional, statewide and nationwide. Only the individual networker decides if and when they wish to extend their network beyond the immediate local setting.

no minimum quotas required

IC-Network members are independent and as such are not obligated to fulfill any quotas toward TSR, Inc.

and no special education or skills needed

There is much written about Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) on this blog. People acquire, and sometimes amass, much KSE in their respective fields of employment. They learn well, for example, how to create apparel items or build computers for their employer. However, even this KSE is not a requirement to obtain network membership.

Network marketing is a low-overhead,

The at-home IC-Network model utilizes equipment or tools (such as sewing machine or computer troubleshooting skills) in the possession of networkers, already. Even when someone might choose and need to acquire, for example, a sewing machine, it is not an expense that would indebt them for large amounts.

home-based business that can actually offer many of the tax advantages associated with owning your own business.

Tax advantage strategies are all about how business corporation owners not only increase their profits, but, more importantly, how much they keep.

Network marketing is a people-to-people business that can significantly expand your circle of friends.

While this is certainly true, IC-Networks are more than a social hangout club. They are a means for leveraging, or multiplying, an individual’s income.

It's a business that enables you to travel and have fun as well as enjoy the lifestyle that extra income can provide.

If leisure travel is what you desire that is for you to plan. Otherwise, a networker’s business travel in pursuit of expanding his/her network is their private decision, strictly.

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