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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The focus of my pursuit

One of my early mentors a few years ago would hit me with questions about my business model. It was always with the softening words, "I don't want to discourage you." I would assure him there was not much he could ask which I had not been asked or had not thought about, already. Regardless of the spirit or intent with which friends (and others) ask their questions I always welcome these as the teachable moment.

So, I was neither hurt, offended nor surprised when a friend suggested I might focus on an at-home job, because "that business of yours" is just too diverse. "You're trying to tackle too many things."

I agreed; _ on the part about my business. What's more although I agreed with him I stated the focus of my pursuit has not been in finding a "good job", even if it is at home, but in creating a business model where the individual can utilize his own knowledge, skills and experience to generate his own income.

I do not doubt some of you readers have yet to feel you understand what the IE-Network model is, how it works and how it can earn you money. Some of that may be my inability to communicate my message clearly. Then, of course, this has been a long-running monologue with me don't the "talking." Some of it may be because you, the interested readers, may be focused on the wrong thing. Let me illustrate through the following analogy how we immerse ourselves in environments so diverse it would scare us away were we to focus on the wrong thing.

Diversity of IE-Networks

First, let me reiterate some of what makes up IE-Networks. Independent Enterprise Networks can include members from very diverse backgrounds and interests. An IE-Network member may bring other contractors which may include at-home apparel makers, computer systems builders, roofers, satellite dish installers. What they all share in common is the IE-Network model which enables a business system which generates income for them, _ increasingly. Does the IE-Network member who brings them into his/her network necessarily need to know about all these different fields? NO.

A diverse workplace environment

Now, lets suppose you applied for and accepted the $10/hr position as computer builder at XYZ, Inc., a computer manufacturer. As you enter the XYZ workplace facility you meet some of your new associates. You soon learn are immersed in a very diverse environment with housekeeping personnel, software engineers, mechanical engineers, materials handlers, boxers, shippers, forklift operators. These are just a few individuals you happen to greet, but you realize there are so many more. Are you or XYZ management troubled that you know nothing about software or shipping? NO. You both understand as long as you keep your focus on computer building your contribution to the XYZ operations will be much appreciated and valued.

Who compensates you

Aside of these interpersonal relationships I wonder how many people would know the president of XYZ. How many people can explain, while looking at their check stub, a complete breakdown of their pay; what is FICA, Medicare, etc.? That does not prevent them from receiving their paycheck or spending it. It's not a mystery.

A key difference between XYZ, Inc. and IE-Networks is how the individual is compensated. XYZ management will call you in once a year and you will be informed IF you will be rewarded with a pay raise. IE-Network members determine for themselves where, how fast and how much compensation they want to see their network generate for them. That, too, is a matter of focus you alone must determine and maintain. Like the XYZ employee, you may not know whose network you are a part, or every person who is coming into your network, but that doesn't keep you from receiving your compensation and enjoying it. It's not a mystery.

Stay focused, dear friends.

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