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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Portrait of an at-home IT talent

Many of us are aware there is an abundance of Information Technology talent in central Texas. A good number of these men and women are employed. Many others have lost or will lose their jobs to outsourcing. Some decide to not seek another employer, but choose instead to cast their luck and venture into their own IT services business. Still others get out ot the field all together and re-enter the job market in an unrelated field or unrelated business of their own.

Marriage and a baby (as some of us know) bring enormous changes and blessings into a relationship and a home. HAL, as we will call it and despite the neuter gender, is a real person rest assured. HAL, in its single days, was sourced as an independent contractor (IC) by out of state clients. Although HAL's engineering degree is in neither computer nor IT related fields, clients tapped his talents.

Now, as the stay-at-home parent with newborn child HAL is extremely please with this circumstance. HAL states there is ample room in the Round Rock TX family financial portfolio for a second income to supplement HAL's spouse's income. I do not believe HAL's situation is unique.

Some of HAL's talents include:

  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Advanced hardware/software knowledge
  • PC and server systems builder
  • Home network setup
  • Router setup and installation
  • and more . . .

High fuel costs are a strong dis-incentive to driving to a second job and is akeen to hiring additional personnel to increase profits. VARs, systems builders, and resellers who leverage IC talent like HAL are smart. Those who tap into an IE-Network of HALs are smarter.

You are invited to post inquires or comments regarding HAL.

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