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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A System that Works for your Business

I've just discovered Robin Robins. I've been reading and listening to Robin Robins.

If you are a VAR or IT consultant who's being reading my blog I want to urge you to listen to her. She has an wealth of information on her website and through a free CD (which I ordered), also. Robin's got an unfaltering steady, perfect delivery that makes for easy (but definitely not lulling) listen.

Although I am neither a VAR nor IT I can see she has masterminded a system for these business enitities. Robin's Technology Marketing Toolkit System comes with a guarantee. You can't go wrong. I do not want to risk either overstating or mis-stating her claims. I refer you to her website.

I heartily concur with Robin on her unrelenting emphasis on the importance of having a system
for your business. That ought to ring familiar with you, dear readers, because the IE-Network model is a system that works for your business and that enables you, either VAR or IT, (as well as apparel makers) to replicate yourself or your business organization. The IE-Network model is founded on two corporate principles: Leveraging tax law and creating alliances.

The answer to the question between how much you make and how much you keep is
determined by how well you leverage tax law to your advantage. Although you do not need an alliance, or network, to leverage tax law effectively, it is the system you need to get into business for yourself, but not by yourself.

The IE-Network model is not just a social club, card-holder-hangout for members. IE-Networks generate income and bonuses for members once the system is created whether or not you, the network member, are at the office or on the beach. Those of you who have worked in manufacturing are familiar with ISO. It is the more common "acronym" for IOS; International Organization for Standardization. So, you see "ISO" is not an acronym, really. It is the Greek word meaning, "equal".

The reason network members understand and follow the development of their their business system with one another's success in mind is because the network makes them, "ISO", that is, "equal". Each network member determines for themselves how big, how quickly, where, how far and how much income their network produces for them. This concept of equality may be a buzz word in the corporate world, but the reality on the manufacturing floor is simply not there. As always, my point is not to tear down that traditional model. I do want to point out that is what many, or most, of us have accepted and continue to believe is the only way to provide for our families livelihood.

It's time individuals come together for their common prosperity. It's time to direct resources to those businesses, such as midmarket companies, who do not have the financial resources of bigger companies to battle issues which affect productivity. IC-Networks are the best system, the best tool to equalize all things for all concerned.


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Gil said...

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