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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Two Surveys: At-home apparel and computers

There are two surveys posted this weekend. The first one is directed at Information Technology (IT) individuals with Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) in computer and related aspects. The second survey is directed at those individuals with the KSE in apparel.

The purpose of these surveys is to generate data for the benefit of independent retailer/resellers in apparel and computer sales. Certainly, the information would be just as useful for individuals. The data is expected to reflect the range of talent, interest and location of those individuals.

Should anyone be so fortunate as to partner with an independent business to supply their apparel or computer needs that would be great. Everybody is free to do so. However, a partnership, or the creation of networks, between individuals and retailer/resellers would be for the greater benefit of many other individuals with their own wealth resources. Your KSE are your wealth resources. Furthermore, a network, although it is local, initially, expands to regional then state, then nationwide areas. These entrepreneurial opportunities are between enterprises, that is, individuals and retailer/resellers, not employees.

Take the survey and let others know you are part of the vast talent in America willing to do the best for your family. Should you wish to write any comments you may email them to: or post your thoughts on this article.

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