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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Two greatly talented women

We spend years making a living using our talents as employees. We have made many an employer wealthy with their use of our wealth. That's not a complain. That's a commitment of mutual advantage called the employer/employee relationship, but I want to tell you about two great talents.

I posed the question to my friend, "What is the difference between an upscale, high-price dress at Neiman Marcus and a similar dress at an independent retail
store"? "None" I replied before she could answer. That is the Neiman Marcus dress is manufactured by an individual on the production floor. The other is manufactured by the same individual in their home as an independent contractor for his/her client, the independent retailer.

I posed this same question with my reply to my friend. She had heard me go on so many times about my business dream for creating apparel networks.

Today, she surprised me. "I used to make dresses for Neiman Marcus" she said.
"Really?" I said.
"Yeah, it was just a few of us in a small shop" she explained.
My friend had just described what I had reasoned, but never really knew for a fact. The truth is, I explained to her, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands,
of small shops like that one in Taylor Texas. The government categorizes them as "independent contractors" and they are vital to apparel manufacturers who outsource work to them.
I was visiting with a couple. They had left a familiar setting, lifestyle and country along with their professional careers to come to America. The living room where
we sat was filled with portraits of couples. Most of them wore the most extraordinary wedding dresses found in the best of wedding dress boutiques.
It was her husband who gave me a tour of their portrait gallery explaining, while his wife sat without comment, the wedding dresses were the creation of her hands.

She had been an executive administrative assistant for many years in her country. In America she was helping provide for their family through her custodial
job. Yet, the enormous talent and ability to design and create wedding dresses seemed as easy as boiling water. It was something she had done over the
years, not so much as a hobby and certainly not as a job, but as a favor for friends and relatives.


I will not speak of friends and family who would take such advantage. I will speak of her talent. There are many like her.

Is there not an independent apparel boutique specializing in wedding dresses who could not or would not contract such talent? How about my friend with the ability
to make dresses no differently than she made for Neiman Marcus?

Apparel networks between contractors and retailers are the creation of one vast, enormous talent pool. It is a direct model which allows retailers to market their own
label or simply Made in USA.

Don't let another year go by without the income potential of your resources; your Knowledge, Skills and Experience in apparel.

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