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Monday, January 01, 2007

Interview: Round Rock Army Store

Carmen Montoya is one of thousands of individuals with a wealth of Knowledge, Skills and Experience in apparel making. She is owner and manager of:

Round Rock Army Store
Carmen Montoya, owner
2001 N. Mays Street
Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 246-7033

WM Do you see yourself as a designer?

CM I've heard that term used so many different ways. I see myself primarily as one who works to create a dress or other apparel creation with the client's wishes in mind.

WM As a father of three daughters I remember hearing of their search with their friends for prom dresses. Are prom dresses a custom apparel need ICs can meet for high school girls?

CM Yes, I truly believe we can help the public, especially the young generation, on this issue.

WM What is the big need you see in apparel?

CM My sister in Laredo and I were talking just today. She's been in apparel many years too and we were talking about how there's so much apparel on the store racks out there that simply just does not fit. Recently, I was asked by a vendor to partner in a plus size apparel creation enterprise because this vendor has learned there are people whose apparel needs and wants are not going to be found in the apparel department of most stores.

WM Why do you think that is the case?

CM Quantity is more important than quality on the production floor. People are not taught the value of quality. Quantity means nothing if you have to do rework to improve your quality.

WM I've always thought you learn your process well, first, and the quantity, with quality, will follow. A manufacturer may sell quite a large amount before people catch on to their poor quality. An independent doesn't have that luxury. It's got to be quality from the beginning.

WM How many years have you been in apparel?

CM I've been in apparel over twenty years including manufacturing and custom apparel.
Some of the custom apparel I have made in the past have been costumes for kids and some adults. I went from the Power Rangers to Cinderella, Sylvester, Tweety Bird and others.
I have made some outfits for granddaughters, my husband, myself, and various customers.

WM Clearly, you have alot of experience in different aspects of apparel.

WM Have you ever worked with a group of independents?

CM I have never worked with a network or a group of independents. However, I like the idea of working with other individuals and the ideas they bring to an apparel creation. I want to see the group come together to express one idea of which we have all been a part.

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