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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Changing Face of Texas Labor

Although this report dates from 2003 it is still true. I have pulled some key points in the article. wm

3 Take special note of the "Industries losing the most jobs": Apparel manufacturing.
Take special note of the "Texas Industries Adding the Most jobs": Specialty Trade Contractors.

5 More jobs in small firms, greater use of leased and independent contract labor means fewer and shorter career ladders

Changing nature of work: New paradigm for career ladders

3 Increased role for contingent workers, outsourcing, independent contractors with few promotional ladders.

* * *

What does this mean for those who have lost their employment in apparel?

It means you ought not expect the job market in apparel manufacturing to open back up, again.

It means that apparel, as a part of the US retail sector, is adding jobs. However, the report also points out those being hired are educated and have college degrees.

What it means is there is plenty of opportunity for those who love to work apparel.

Both, government and industry regard apparel manufacturing as non-to-low-skilled and there's no room or need for them in the new and improved automated apparel manufacturing floor.

Working Mannequin sees these former apparel employees as having Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE). Working Mannequin believes it is this KSE which qualifies them to fill the
need among the "smaller firms" for "leased and independent contract" as mentioned above in number 5.

The Working Mannequin direct model of apparel networks is putting a face of private ownership in Texas and the nation. The direct model makes you the "smaller firm" and "independent contract" accountable to no one, but yourself.
How does this change affect you?

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